Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a difference.

Today, the high in SF is 59 degrees. Crossing the Bay Bridge it is 65, sunny with pretty clouds in the sky. Congratulations Fred and Peter, we love you!!!

G may have a future in the armed services.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is 97 degrees in San Francisco

.....And Gia and I walked for almost three miles. My feet look like sausages (thank you baby T) and they have room service and Sprout on the TV.

Cozied in.....check
Big hunk of chocolate cake...check
Cuggles from the girl....check

Best girls night ever....check!!!

Thanks to the fantastic air conditioner hot natured preggo can barely notice the ridiculous heat or the outrageous room service bill.

Oh, I have pregnancy brain and never seem to remember my camera. Rats.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eighty Thirty Nine.

When Gia was little everthing was eight thirty nine.

What time is it? eight thirty nine
How much does it cost? eight thirty nine
When should we leave? eight thirty nine

I think this can be attributed to her actual lax bed time of 8:30 or 9:00 which was probably stated to others by Ralph and I as eight thirty nine.

As so many other precious dialects, this has slowly removed itself from Gia's vocabulary. Which really made me sad. Sad to think how much she is growing and how quickly the days are passing. But even more so because I realize that I have not documented these particular words in a fashion where they will be easily accessible as I am sure the vivid moments will fade like all things in life do.

She now has graduated to everything happened on Friday night.

Gia, do you like apples? no
Since when? Friday night.

Gia, do you want to go to the park? Not right now.
Ok, when? On Friday night.

Daddy said I can wear make up and glitter all the time?
When did Daddy say that? On Friday night.

My mom used to make audio cassette tapes of us when we were little telling stories and singing songs that we cherished. Each year is documented somewhere on audio cassettes (granted, I don't think any of us actually owns a cassette player, but that is besides the point) they are there to bring joy to my moms heart.

Isn't it funny how when you take the other senses away, it amplifies the others? How hearing just the voice or seeing just the face makes everything else that was taking place at that moment in time so much more vivid?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Today would have been my grandfathers 101st birthday. He passed away six years ago at 95. His life was very full and complete. Marked by huge blessings and a few tragedies. He brought joy to many and as most great personalities could be a giant pain in the rear.

He wasn't a great dad. But he made that up to my dad by being an AMAZING grandfather and a fantastic adult father. His purpose during retirement was to make memories for his grand kids.

Memories that bring such complete happiness I am weeping as I think about them.

Mardi Gras parades.

Rolling down the levy.

Catching lizards.

Allowing Eddie Jr. to feed me a chili pepper and tell me it was a strawberry.

Eating at Mason's.

Money ties for Eddie and the donkey for me.

Big parties.

HUGE celebrations.

Big hugs.

Spending hours laughing at watching Ann of Green Gables on rewind.

Thanksgiving parade.

Being a grump. But also being the life of the party.

The house where I spent my youth had overhang cabinets above the kitchen "bar" counter. My grandpa was completely bald (with a few white hairs sticking out) in every picture I have seen of him over the age of thirty. Every time he came to our house (about once a month) he hit his head so hard on that overhand that he would cut his poor, bald head.

He made this big scene. Think "Three Stooges" physical comedy. We laughed.

I was twenty nine years old before I finally realized that he was in real pain from knocking his noggin on that darn overhang. But making fun memories for Eddie and I was more important than getting a moment of sympathy from everyone.

You are truly missed. Completely and fully. Not a day goes by that a story does not cross my mind, lips or heart. You would be proud to know that your beloved son is doing an excellent job becoming the same grandfather you were to Eddie and I. Thanks for being a great teacher to him.

You are loved by all.

P.S.: I still have the donkey and have to display it on my birthday. Really, a birthday is not a birthday without that donkey. And for the record, even if it is worth a million dollars I am not selling it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cute cousins.

These two girls are really quite amazing. We had a blast just enjoying Mimi and Popa's house. Thanks for the hospitality!