Friday, July 30, 2010

Special moments.

I am turning into one of those people. All I talk about is my kiddo. I should find some sort of apology in there, but the reality is I love it.

I have a very full life. I work. In an exciting emerging field. I am committed to my outlets and make time for myself daily. I adore my husband. I have amazing friends. I do cool things that don't involve G.

But for some reason, documenting those moments is just not nearly as amazing or fun as documenting life with Miss G. I may regret not writing down each of the other aspects of my life, but I can say with full certainty that not placing these memories down on paper (errr...digitally) would be one of my biggest...if only's in life.

She loves to eat. She is full of joy. She is enthusiastic and sometimes loud. Her vibrant can be overwhelming to some, but to me it is just a little reminder that I am her mom.

I love you G. Everyday I worry you won't know just how much and then I wake up the next day I wake up loving you more. Thank you.

These are the golden years.

When I was Gia's age I called McDonald's Make Up Donalds. As we would drive down Highway Six towards the beloved golden arches...where the playground was outside and there was a giant hamburger to climb in; I would sit in the front seat of the grey Lincoln Continental, sans seat belt and put on my imaginary make up while we got ready for the excitement.


G: Mommy, remember when you were a little girl and you and Mimi would go to the nugget store?
Me: Yes
G: Remember how silly you were and you would call it the Make up Nugget Store? HAHAHAHAH. You were so silly and talked like a little baby.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad words.

Exchange in the car on our way home from dinner last night....

Ralph, Allison and Gia present.

G: Mommy, Daddy says bad words.
Me: Really? What bad words does he say?
G: I-A-R-Z-S. See, that's a really bad word.
Me: Oh, I'll talk to Daddy about it.
G: And put soap in his mouth? Because that's nasty talk. And we don't talk that way.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eighty three.

This weekend was Ralph's grandfather's 83rd birthday. We helped him celebrate.
It was very hot, but there were lots of treats and loads of things to do that helped keep your mind off the heat.
Gia got to spend some quality time with her little cousin lovey Jace. She just loves to be the "big girl". Lucky for Jace he seems to pretty much ignore her bossy antics.
There was chocolate cake. Enough said. It was the highlight for me. As it generally is.
Gia had the highlight of the pinata and Ralph the highlight of a new hat. All was good.
Some very hot T's. Oh, and chocolate cake makes Miss G just as happy as her mommy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why we should all be Credit Union members.

Ralph and I have been members of the Anheuser- Busch Credit Union for all of our separate and together adult life's.

My parents have been members of the Cy Fair Credit Union since I was in Junior High.

Credit Unions have provided great loans, help when refunding accounting mishaps and just darn good customer service.

Granted, I don't have access to a gabillion ATM's. And I have to go to share branches much more often than not.

But after my latest banking woe, Credit Union's have my loyalty.

I am a magazine junkie. I love them. The glossy pages sliding through my finger. Renewals happen frequently on my bank account. But two recently stood out.

A FEW (like three) years back I ordered four different rags for my parents. It was some kind of crazy deal for $5 subscriptions. Who can beat that.

I am a sucker for a deal. So I signed them up and happily paid the twenty bones.

I was charged $39 for each magazine renewal (for 12 mos....each publisher charges between $7 and $20 for a year) this year.

The number listed on my statement provided NO access to a human being. NONE WHATSOEVER.

I call my Credit Union.

My Credit Union called the corporation (NEW SUB MAGAZINES owned by TIME) and had them reverse the charges and cancel all future charges.

In a matter of thirty minutes I got a call back with a cancellation number and Mary telling me she would be on the look out for the refund.

Tell me, you think Wells Fargo or Bof A will do that?

I love Credit Unions. Especially Anheuser Busch Employees Credit Union.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrate America.

Our 4th was pretty low key. We have been going, going, going this summer and it just looks like it will remain that way through October so we decided to take advantage of being home and enjoying the three T's.
Saturday we ran errands, took a bike ride, went to the pool and out to dinner. It was fun and relaxing. Sunday was more of the same. We then headed up to Auburn for a parade.

My two patriots. I just love this picture. So happy. Flags waving in the wind. Sigh.

Auburn is a sleepy little town nestled about twenty miles north of Sacramento. It really has a great community vibe and they always plan the best activities. There were loads of "floats" (having grown up in New Orleans parade land I use this term lightly) decorated and adorned by locals. It was so much fun to be part of the community even if it was as a spectator.

No, Ralph is not an alcoholic. He has worked for AB for nearly twenty years. The "World Famous Clydesdale's" were in town and we had to support. I was disappointed that they were not playing "Here comes the King" with the hitch. Why is it that everything has to change?

Gia was thrilled to see this Dorothy. She tried to follow her. Then she was concerned that she was not walking on a yellow brick road. Everyone showered Gia with candy and other trinkets. Why is it that you give a kid crud.....stuff that is valued at $0.10 and they are thrilled?

I had someone sitting next to us take our picture. We were completely black from shadows and this is my blotchy attempt to photoshop us. Oh well, at least it is not the one arm camera shot.
Hope you and yours had a great holiday weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

What would Caillou do?

Not sure when it happened. Gia made a transition from loving Sesame Street to loving Caillou. It is even more unusual because until she began requesting it the television in our home had never veered away from Sesame Street.

Anyways, there are much worse shows than Caillou out there. He is a kind, thoughtful, curious, helpful, imaginative good big brother kind of guy. His parents are loving but firm. Gia is completely engaged and literally squeals with delight at the first beats of music to the theme song.

On occasion, the adjectives that are used to describe our sweet little monkey stray from those that describe Caillou.

So Ralph and I have started saying to Gia, "What would Caillou do?"

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

But it works.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Go Team Go!

G is quite the enthusiastic sports fan. She screams and screams for the team. Even though she is not sure what is happening. Other than if you ask her about any particular sports team her response is, "The Raiders are not being nice. They are not winning." It's ok baby girl, the Sooners are.

There really is no more beautiful ball park than Pac Bell. My heart will always root for the Atro's.

Mr. Baseball himself.