Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evolution of getting older.

My 21st birthday-
- Norman, OK
- Homecoming/Homecoming Eve....BOOMER SOONER
- Spent the eve of my birthday float building and was at Mr. Bill's at 11:59pm to enjoy that first drink
- Someone over served me
- Spent 9.29.2000 not feeling so great
- Dinner that night at the Mont with good friends and my parents

My 31st birthday-
- Northern California
- Morning run to return to flowers and cards from my two sweeties
- Kari's wedding prep
- Spent the eve of my birthday falling asleep on the couch
- I saved my birthday card from my parents to read and cherish on my actual birthday (presents came earlier and Isabella Oliver can not wait)
- Spent the day of my birthday working, taking my girl to the nugget store and picking up my MIL from the train station
- In bed at 11:20---can't tell you the last time I stayed up that late

The real evolution? That the first one that involved parties, hoopla and major focus on me sounds down right exhausting, painful to my body and overindulgent.

I. am. old. And I kind of like it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New baby.

My wonderful parents were in town for nearly a week. It was fantastic. Of course, they would be the ones to bring the new baby its first thing. And it is this soft, amazingly precious little onesie.

Funny how when I was pregnant with Gia, every single thought that I had was centered around pregnancy, birth, nursery planning, child proofing, registry, the list goes on and on. This go around? I sometimes have to remind myself that I am pregnant.

No worries precious little one, Mimi may have just spawned me into a shopping frenzy.

We all love you so much. Especially your big sister. She is so ready to show you the ropes and hug and kiss you. She already does every day.

Just a few, short (hopefully not long) fifteen weeks.

Seven months and a heat wave.

For the love. The high is ninety nine degrees today. That is NINE-NINE people. And I live in Northern California.

Oh, and did someone mention that I am seven months pregnant.

Seven Months.

My body would really appreciate a brisk, fall season.

Reasons why?

- My non pregnant self prefers this time of year. Affectionately referred to as Autumn.
- Leaves turning, pumpkin spice, and steaming hot mugs of whatever sound good.
- Running/Jogging/Whatever nonsense I have been doing is much easier when it is a reasonable temperature.

and last, but certainly not least......

- At seven months pregnant my bottom really needs leggings, jeans, some sort of coverage people. Seriously, it is not good for me or anyone else to see said pregnant back side jumping into a bathing suit right now.

Oh, and did I mention in two weeks I will be in Miami on business. Loving. My. Figure. Loving it.
But I will be loving some Cuban food. Lots. of. it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Studio City Shower.

About a month after her killer bachelorette, we threw her a shower at James (her fiance's) Aunt's house. This house is to die for. Over looking Studio City perched a top a hill we brought together twenty five of her closest friends to shower her with love. Kim, Kari's sister, made these amazing cook books (Kari is a chef to the stars) for us all to take home. It was such an absolutely amazing day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tieks. Bliss. Seriously.

I was introduced to Tieks by Maggie Mason. Then I was generously given a pair. I in turn gave them to my mother because she is the worlds most amazing person.

Then a funny thing happened. I could not stop thinking about them.

After years and years of commuting and wearing horrendously uncomfortable shoes I decided that my thirty (so close to thirty one) self deserved a pair of these gems....NOW.

So I did it...and here is to my good shopping karma because if you send an email to your ten closest friends that you don't mind having these precious slippers on their feet they will give you up to a thirty percent discount.

Couple that with purchasing the "true blue" and I walked away with these amazing shoes for the price of a very reasonable shoe.

Good. Shopping. Karma.

Love it and love some Tieks.

Order today!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kolache craziness.

If you are from Texas, you know what a kolache is. If you know what a kolache is, then you love them. Imagine every native Texan's dismay to find out that these sweet, salty, goodness baked goods are only to be found in our great home state. Well, what is a girl to do? Set out to make them.

I should totally lie and say that this was all my brilliant idea, but I would be lying. My now dear friend and the mother of three of the most amazing children that I babysat for as a teen (who now lives in Colorado) gave me this idea. You should check out Mama Holli here.

So I made them two I made homemade kolache dough and the other I used frozen bread dough to do the same. These have now become a favorite at my house and for the record i will not be making the dough from scratch. I will be thawing the frozen bread dough over night and using it in the morning. Not that the homemade dough was that difficult. I am just not sure that it was really that much better. Ease. Simplicity. Time savings.
So you take about an egg sized piece of dough and pat it down flat. Wrap it around a two inch long piece of pork sausage and put in a pre heated 375 degree oven and bake for fifteen minutes. Sometimes I add a little pepper jack cheese for spice and gooey, cheesy goodness. And out pop these amazing delicacies.
The sausage is cured so they can stay out on the counter for passer bye's to gobble up. They will now be my Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, any holiday with a big lunch/dinner staple and any leave behind with a fresh squeezed bottle of oj for a dinner party host to have a nice, quick breakfast in the morning. My mouth is watering!!!! ENJOY!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Malibu bachelorette.

My very, very dear friend Kari is getting married in early October. For her bachelorette we had the difficult time of staying in a house on the water in Malibu and all of the girls (except me) had champagne and we ate delicious food. It was seriously one of the most amazing weekends EVER.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baking cookies.

Gia is not the worlds best sleeper. Never has been and while it may improve, the act of going to sleep or taking naps at school does not get any easier with age. The very idea of adding another not so great sleeper to the bunch is freaking me out.

Me: G why didn't you take a nap today?
Gia: I was making fuzz cookies from my monkey pillow pet and I had to check and see if the cookies were done and I stood up and all of a sudden I was being put in time out.

Oh, escaping the blame. A trait that is learned from a very young age. A very young age.

Fuzz cookies? Gross. Could they not have at least been chocolate chip?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picnic at the park.

These are from so very long ago, but I could not resist uploading and telling the story. One Friday during this past summer Gia and I learned of a concert/picnic at one of our local parks. We cooked and cooked and got all of our thing is order to head out and celebrate when Ralph arrived home.
The night was absolutely perfect. There was a nice breeze with just enough heat. The perfect California combination. Live music, vendors, park equipment and bounce houses galore for the kiddos and families to enjoy.

Gia was bounce, bounce, bouncing away. And then she slid down this slide. When she jumped off the end she hit her head on the concrete. Ralph and I really did not think anything of it because she popped up and went on to bounce and play some more.

As you can see, she finished the night strong. Until the ride home. I turn around because she was way to quiet and all of a sudden I smell it. PUKE. All over the place. Still I really did not think anything of it. Came home, washed up and put that sick baby girl in our bed. Where she threw up again. While in the second bath Ralph and I on cue looked at each other and realized that she hit her head. Hard. On concrete.
Off to the hospital (where she threw up on me again and of course I had a change of clothes for her but not for me). We spent the rest of the night in the ER. They decided she was lucid and fine and sent us on our very merry way.
Gia is fine. Except for when she wears this blue shirt? She calls it her threw up shirt.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just another morning at the T house.

We're all planning on posing and dressing like this today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

San Francisco, weddings and cool weather.

One of my dearest friends in the entire world was married in Massachusetts last July. We were fortunate enough to attend the reception for his West Coast world in San Francisco. It was an absolute picturesque day in our beloved city by the bay. So great to see two hearts joining as one and it being celebrated by all.
Because of our darling three year old we were unable to attend the after party. We headed to the Raider game instead. Which was fun, but I forgot my camera. The next morning we piddled around the markets in the morning and had family time. The best part of the whole weekend? It was sweater weather!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The crisp wind blows.

I am not exactly sure of the scientific reason that the weather was so unseasonably cool today but I have soaked every morsel of it up and will cherish it for as long as it remains.

The high was 73.

The wind was blowing.

I wore a sweater with jeans.

I made chili for lunch.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner.

My nightcap of choice? (Or at least while I am with child) a nice, big mug of hot chocolate topped with gooey, melty marshmallows.

Ahhh, how I wish fall was here to stay.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Great Reno Rib Cook Off.

This past weekend was the Reno Rib cook off. Please don't ask, I do not know who won. I just ate lots of really bad food and had loads of fun with my family.
Every time we head to Reno I am always surprised by how nice it in fact is. It has all of the glitz and glam of Vegas, a lot less packed and I have to point out that while it has some nice restaurants not nearly the caliber of Vegas. And the shopping doesn't compare.

That being said, the VIP rib's are the way to go. The best of the best from around the country come together to show there stuff. When you head to the VIP tent all of the vendors have there ribs spread out for everyone to eat. Nestle follows with ridiculously huge ice cream bars.

Saturday we went to an outdoor mall and Scheel's the largest sporting good store in the country and then we headed over to ride the rides and have Girly Girl give our girly girl a make over.

The weather was so nice and crisp. It makes me long for fall. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 73 and I hope that the cool snap stays. The thought of turning leaves and pumpkins pulls at my heart strings.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Ralph and I were talking at breakfast on Sunday morning about how so many of our T Traditions are about to change. Change for the better, but change all the same when our newest T arrives.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Confessions of a busy mom.

I have a confession to make. My daughter and I both got our haircut at Wal Mart this week. This could potentially be one of the lowest points in my parenting life.

Is this any indication of exactly how busy we have been around here? Yes.

Let us start with the fact that it has been crazy busy at work for both Ralph and I. We have been working like crazy and RT has been out of town at least two to three days a week for nearly the past two months. I want to note that we are so incredibly thankful that we are just this busy with jobs that are paying and provide for our family.

Couple all the work craziness with out of town for business/pleasure which does not seem to slow until the end of October and started mid June.

Top that off with an in service week for Gia's school...and you have some time crunched peeps.

Monday I had to go to the grocery store. It is with a certain amount of embarrassment that I admit I shop at Wal Mart. In fact, I have since we moved here. It is so much closer than Target (which is not a Super Target) and so much more reasonable than Save Mart. So there, I said it. My name is Allison and I am a Wal Mart Shopper.

I had not had a haircut since early June and Gia had not had one since mid July.

We were looking pretty darn shabby.

And there it was. The haircut place sitting there right after you are greeted by the sweet retiree at the door. Calling my name.

Internal dialogue:

Practical Mom (PM from now on): Do you know how much time I will save you?

Hipster Mom (HM from now on): Seriously, what will you tell your husband?

PM: You are time crunched, preggo and look horrible.

HM: And you think a Wal Mart haircut will help.

PM: Anything will help at this point.

HM: Ok, maybe you are right. We just won't tell anyone about it.

PM: Yeah right, you haven't done a real blog post in nearly three weeks.

So I bit the bullet and walked up to the counter and said I need two haircuts.

They were done with a spray bottle and scissors and we were out in Wal Mart to get milk, bread and eggs in less than thirty minutes.

For a grand total (a very, very generous tip and all) of $26.95.

And believe it or not, our hair looks pretty good. Seriously.

So today Ralph has to do a price survey and he just said he may go get a hair cut at Wal Mart....what are we becoming?!?!?!!?!!!?

I guess when you combine time, work, a three year old and a recession your days of $300 salons are gone and you are reduced to a Wal Mart haircut. But it was fun.


It was.