Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mexican Food

Mexican food. An all time favorite of mine. But the very basis of this amazing cuisine are very economical ingredients. So, this Texas gal has a hard time wrapping her head around a sixty dollar bill for four people.

Now, for gourmet, my inner foodie can justify the spend. But, for run of the mill, cheesy globs I have a hard time.

To top it off, there weren’t even margarita’s to wash it down!

Oh well!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Syncronated Clock

We are so busy. As a society we rush to do everything. We want everything faster, quicker and more efficient. But what happens when we slow down?

When we slow down, we make fewer mistakes.
When we slow down, we don’t get speeding tickets.
When we slow down, we savor the flavors of a full salad.
When we slow down, we can see the things we love.
When we slow down, the little things mean so much.
When we slow down, we laugh more and cry less.
When we slow down, we focus more intently.
When we slow down , we live more fully.

Our parents and grandparents grew up in a slower time. To type something, they had to be meticulous about the keystrokes, or it would add to the time of completion. To make a phone call they could not be on the go. They ate dinner at a table. Together. Without television to tune out each other. They spent lazy summer days on the front porch watching the clouds.

While I am not suggesting that we abandon our cell phones, blackberries and other convinces of modern technology, I AM suggesting that we slow down and enjoy each other.

Leisurely read a book to your daughter. Delight in the flavor of a great piece of fish. Relish your husbands kiss. Who knows, slowing down could in fact be the key to happiness.

Allison and Gia

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sizzlin' Milestones

Fresno. Now a medium sized metropolis, once a sleepy ag town. As a family we make frequent trips to Fresno. Some are for major events, our wedding, Gia’s Baptism, dinner with Monsignor and some are just for a family visit. This weekend was a milestone weekend without a doubt.

Now that the matriarch of the Talamatnez family (that’s me) is working, weekends MUST include things such as scrubbing the bathrooms, huge loads of laundry and cleaning floors that the darling little one crawls around on….yes, she is a prodigy in case you were wondering ;). So after the house cleaning of the morning, The Talamantez family traveled to the great, the wonderful Nordstrom. There is something to be said for such an elegant store. Growing up in Texas, Niemen Marcus is and always will be the crème de la crème. But I must admit, Nordies does it well. The baby grand serenade as you browse wonderful pieces of art that some refer to as clothing. Ralph got an amazing shirt and another great shirt.

Then on to JCrew. The ultimate in this preppy girls style. The way their clothes feel broken in against your skin. In summer, the style just SCREAMS east coast beach. In the fall the sweaters that yearn to be worn at a collegiate football battle. I just LOVE JCrew. Then to Target, this gals FAVORITE store, cute clothes, diapers, and everything anyone could NEED or WANT. Just a little love for those in the marketing department over at Target.

2:45 Depart Greater Los Angeles. 6:00 arrive Fresno. Chat with the in laws. Smell the warm chocolate cupcake air as it filled my in laws home. Run to my grand in laws to get dressed. Dress for the social event of the season in Fresno.

Arrive at Summer Sizzle. I think this is the first year that I have been that it has not been so excruciatingly hot that you truly are sizzling. Drinks with those we love. Ronnie and Trish. Rob and Jennie. Tony and Lisa. Billy (Erica, I hope your weekend in Vegas was a BLAST). Tony and Corina. Such a nice time and what fun. The only regret of the night was the 2am McDonald’s run. Why oh why do I subject myself to this guilty pleasure? So guilty, that much of the pleasure is taken away.

Sunday was spent celebrating 80 years with an amazing man. He has influenced my wonderful husband in a way that I can not thank him enough. Thanks Papa for all that you have done and your party was a great joy!Love,
Allison and Gia

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ankles and Joy

When I got my little darling in my arms yesterday after a long day away from each other I just admired her. Everything about her. I thought that I had examined every part of this incredible being with a fine tooth comb, until yesterday.

I really examined her ankles for the first time. Milky white, a little bump and the MOST ADORABLE wrinkles you have EVER seen. It brings tears just thinking about what glorious ankles she has.

So why pray-tell (is this a real word? And if so, how do you spell it?) am I sharing my obsession with my daughters ankles with the rest of you? Because it made me realize what an amazing thing our parents have done for each of us. While no one is perfect, there are two people out there that do (or should) love you completely and think that YOU are the MOST amazing person EVER. And even if you were not blessed with amazing parents like I was, we all have the good Lord above that loves us and made us in his image.

It made me feel so warm inside to think of how I look at Gia with such delight and amazement. How much happiness she brings and how much she fills me up and to know that I have done the same for my parents. That at one point in time, my ankles brought them the best moment of their day. And a great day at that!

So take peace in knowing how special you are and that you are perfect to someone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Chapters

Like moving to a new city in the middle of High School or going to college and not knowing a soul, starting work post partum is an anxiety causing situation. Nights laying awake. Heart pumping. Cold sweat on brow. Getting up and letting my tears fall into Gia's crib.

I have been in the fortunate position of always loving to work. Prior to Gia, some would say that it was what defined me. So when Ralph and I decided that me going back to work would make us a happier family, I was completely on board.

Find job. Do I start anew? Do I brave Los Angeles traffic and do what I love and where I thrive? Love and thrive. Two words, that when you find yourself completing them you should stick with whatever it is that evokes those adjetives. Luckily, I some great people at Clear Channel gave me a job.

Find babysitter. FOUND! A dear friend of mine, whom I admire and respect has agreed to watch Gia. I am so lucky because our child rearing views are so similar and she is an amazing soul. While I have no concerns about how Gia is being taken care of, it is I that I worry about. I miss her tremendously. Her smile. The way her eyes dance and her feet shuffle. That little army crawl. All of those things.

I had a fantastic first day. It was wonderful to return to the rat race so to speak, but the milk expression in the bathroom (I forgot my pump), the moments of heart ache when I was really missing Gia and the lack of caffeine really gave this day like no other first day of work I have ever had.

I am enjoying it, but it is certainly an adjustment. Kind of like the Da Vinci Code. It is taking me a few chapters to get into this book so please keep me in your thoughts that the time away from Gia gets easier and our time together is more precious!

Just take a moment and admire this face....

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pole Dancing

Well, today I hit a light pole and knocked it down. I had just purchased a chest of drawers and it was in my "trunk". This forced me to place Gia's stroller, and other normal trunk belongings in the back seat with her.

She wails. Not an, "I need some attention mom!" wail, but a "Something is desperately hurting me!" wail. SO, I whip my head (and apparently my arms) around to check on the light of my life. She's fine.

The remainder is some what of a blur. I remember going up on the curb and thinking...Ralph is going to kill me if I scrape these stupid rims. And then I thought that I was braking. Pushing as hard as I could and I wasn't stopping.

I look down. Examine foot position. Find break. Screech to a hault.

There is a woman behind me screaming obscenities. I think...oh, LA road rage. Nope, the light pole I hit, hit her car. Had she been two seconds ahead of where she was, she would have been killed or seriously injured. Thank you Lord for your sweet timing.

Jump out, grab my SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER lovey. Hug her. Break down crying. The woman behind me is ok. Thank you, God. Thank you so much. Praise Your name.

Come home. Too emotional to blog about the rest of my day.

So glad that all involved are safe and healthy.

Thank God for your health and family tonight.