Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have greasy hair.

Well, not that you can see. But I do. I am one of those people in the world that has struggled with my hair my ENTIRE life. Not to mention, the horrible challenge of super fine, a lot of individual hairs that grace my head.

About two years ago I started researching all kinds of solutions for my hair. What to do. I have read everything from dousing my head with rubbing alcohol (seriously, on what planet does someone think this is healthy) to adding Dawn to my shampoo (I guess this could work, but what about the dreaded dry ends, won't that just exasperate the problem?).

So I started to seek out my own solutions. Everything from the no poo and to baking soda and apple cider vinegar methods and just using conditioner that can be found here and here.

I have also tried to put a little shampoo in a spray bottle and just get the roots of my hair, or putting apple cider vinegar in with the conditioner to clean it.

They all work pretty well. My biggest complaint about the methods linked to above is that they are hard to do and are really uncomfortable (read cold) or just take too much time. Time is always on my priority list. So I usually go back to my old just normal shampoo and conditioner routine which results in less great hair. ARRRH.

Then I thought about the spray bottle method. Which is really fantastic. So I mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle and another spray bottle of apple cider vinegar and water in another. Spray liberally.

Less waste. Shiny hair.

If you want to find out what I do about the yucky exercise hair, go over here.

I really like it. I save money. And honestly, my hair looks so much better. Even if you do nothing else, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. SHINE GALORE. Google it. It is like liquid gold. Amazing.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What part of I have a three year old do you not understand?

I love Pei Wei. We no longer have it in California and it is one of my "must eats" while in Texas. At least it was. I still love the food, but I am completely annoyed with their customer service.

While arriving at Pei Wei to eat with my parents, Gia and Wendy, we sat at a table where a floor person (not sure what they are called because they don't wait on you at Pei Wei) got us a high chair and asked what if anything they could do to help. Very nice. Thought to self: wow, good customer service. I heart Pei Wei.

My dad went to stand in line to order our food for the entire table.

He was next to order.

It just goes downhill from here.

The kitchen manager comes up to our table with the manager standing behind him and asks, "How many people in your party?" we respond "Five." We are sitting at a six top. He then proceeds to say, "Well, you know this is not how it works at Pei Wei. You have to have your number before you can sit down."

I look around. There are seriously SEVEN empty tables in my sight line.

"I need you to get up and move. I promised this table to the person next in line."

"So, let me get this straight. You are asking me to get up when my dad is the next person in line and move?"


"I don't understand."

"Well, I will give you a free appetizer."

"Well, if you ask me to move, I will take my business and go elsewhere."

"But I am offering you a free appetizer."

"What part of I have a three year old and do not want to move for someone who is BEHIND my dad do you not understand?"

"But I promised this table."

"Again, are you asking me to move?"

"No, thanks for your understanding."

The manager looked slightly afraid of me. Slightly annoyed and slightly not connected. Oh well.

I think our food may have been flavored with spit.

Gross. Customer service stinks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes dad, I want coffee.

I adore my parents. Probably much more than the average person does. Or much more than the average adult person does. So much so that I seek out ways to spend extended periods of time with them.

Part of why I love them so much is that I can write this and say it to my dads face all in one breath.

I have been in Houston for over a week now working from home. It has been fantastic. Parents occupy Miss G, I get tons of work done. Grandparents happy....Mommy happy.

I have been up since 5a (3a California time mind you) and working on some stuff. All good. I decide prior to my last two meetings of the day I need a cup of my beloved Cuban coffee con almond mil (it really loses it zing when I add that note, huh?) when my dad bellows out from his Olympic watching, "What are you doing?"

Gingerly I respond, "Making a cup of coffee. Want one?" (Knowing darn well he won't accept. I have not seen the man partake in a cup of coffee after 8am ever in my thirty years.)

"What on earth do you need coffee for? That is just crazy. Have a glass of water instead."

Seriously? Oh yes, and he still can't believe I went ahead and made and am now consuming my Bustelo.

Got to love your parents. Got to love even more that you are going to become them and you can so see it.


The big girl room.

We may have found the solution. An entire new set of furniture and an entire new room may in fact solve three years of sleep problems. Seriously, if I had known that this would solve the problem I would have done it long ago.
One week before we found her furniture, I broke Gia's old dresser. The tracks fell off the side of the drawers and were not fixable. So, we were forced to find some kind of solution. Ralph and I have had fantastic luck with CraigsList and this time was no different.
Two days of browsing, emailing and phone calls galore we found the perfect set. This entire set is forty some odd years old and was both the gal we purchased it from and her daughters. To top it off, they offered to deliver it to our house in their truck FOR FREE. WOW. Sometimes we meet the nicest people.

So Saturday morning we got up and moved everything out of Gia's room cleaned all the stuff, threw out the junk and started planning our attack. We headed over to Ikea and purchased two new mattresses. Which we are now advocates for Ikea's sleep solutions. They are awesome. They come with a twenty five year warranty. They are reasonably priced. If you need a new mattress, go to Ikea. Now. A good nights sleep is so worth it.

This is the finished product. Gia's favorite part? The five dollar plastic lamp on the nightstand. And I don't care. The child is sleeping threw the night. PRAISE THE LORD.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I seriously love my husband.

Gia is with me on a business trip. Daddy is at home and he has been sending us various pictures of him with Elmo. It is so sweet. Ahhhh, I love you handsome hubs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Single Tasking Day.

As I sit here, in my kitchen, drinking my coffee, trying to blog, listening to NPR streaming and scanning my to do list, I am going to make a real effort to celebrate and put into action Single Tasking Day.

I, like most women of this century feel pressured to multi task. And I, maybe not like most women (but I secretly like to think so) am not very good at it. I do much better when I can focus in and be present on one thing at a time.

This was never as obvious as it is after becoming a mother. Not to mention a work at home mother. Honestly, when I multi task I end up doing a really crummy job at everything.

So, starting today and making a conscious effort for one week (in hopes that one week will turn in to two, three and so on) I am going to do one thing at a time and be present in the moment of each activity.

Are you a good multi tasker?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We like to hike.

Over Valentine's weekend, we had planned on going skiing and instead we bought Gia a new room full of furniture, a new mattress and a new mattress for our bed. In the interest of being fiscally responsible, we decided that we better wait until our lift tickets were not on a black out weekend. So, we stayed closer to home.
It was an absolutely perfect weather weekend. Few clouds scattered across a blue sky and loads of sunshine beaming. It was warm enough to feel good, but crisp enough to still feel comfortable. We headed about twenty miles east of our house to hike along the American River.

Last year when we went to Yosemite, we purchased all the appropriate hiking gear and vowed that we would use it frequently. I have worn my trail runners enough and used the backpack for Gia quite often when taking trips to the pool. I have even used my camelback a few times on long runs for hydration. But we have not used said hiking gear for hiking since our Yosemite trip. It was nice to get out in nature and use it for the purpose in which is was created.

There is something so peaceful about bodies of water surrounded by trees. And little squeals from three year olds. We packed a picnic, took our time and enjoyed our surroundings. Gia's parents sure love skiing and were feeling a little down about missing our trip, but this was certainly worth it. We are looking to do a lot more of it this spring and early summer. And then again next fall.

Happy hiking!


One of the things that I learned from my mom is that you have to clean everyday for your house to stay in order.  Lots of people recommend this, Martha Stewart to Marla over at FlyLady.  Everyone has different ideas of exactly what is important (Martha finds necessity in sorting and junking mail daily and Marla is a stickler for shoes), but all in all the theory is the same.  Do stuff daily and ultimately life is regards to cleaning.

So everyday I make the beds, wipe down the kitchen and bathroom counters, unload and load the dishwasher, fluff the couch pillows, run a load of laundry and I SHOULD, SHOULD, SHOULD do something to my floors, but don't.  

What is on your daily to do list for keeping your house in order?  What makes you feel like the house and family run more smoothly when complete?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

Last Friday was Gia's first school party. It was TOO much fun. I was so thankful that I got to go and watch the festivities (not to mention enjoy some of the ridiculous sinful goodies.)
Gia has been enjoying school so much and it is very easy to see why. It is a christian school and all of the teachers are so warm and kind. The kids are really sweet and mostly well behaved. They are all at such a sweet/not so sweet age and it is really neat to see them growing into their own people.
I made brownies for the class party and it made me chuckle. Gia has been at VCA for less than two months and I have now made brownies three times. Twice for a bake sale and once for this Valentine's party. I LOVE to cook. And I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself. Baking, now that is a different story. It is not that I can't do it, it is that I do not have the patience for all of the decorating nonsense. So, I stick with brownies and I do those pretty darn well.
The funny part? It made me think of Mrs. Kolkhorst and her cookie pizza. Oh, how I loved them. She made them for every single event, function, get together we had growing up and they were always a hit. I wonder if Jenny, Mandy and Chris even like the cookie pizza or have grown tired of it. Because I will be completely honest part of my strategy for brownie only treats is so that they are not as enticing to the cook. I will be less likely to partake if they are not as alluring and just old hat. So, please chime in what is your strategy for not eating all of your little ones goodies?
The rest of our Valentine's was spent redecorating Gia's room (post to come) and hiking (more on that later). Pretty low key, but filled with love. Which is the point, right?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Living proud.

My friend Holli posted this over here and I just loved it.

One thing my mom told me the night I went in to labor with Gia is that I was about to find out just home much she loved me until that night. She is so true.

Everyday we write the story of our life. It becomes more paramount that it is a story to be proud of once we become a parent.

I hope my story makes you proud.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Elmo had a birthday.

....and I am not making this up. Our favorite furry, red monster has a birthday on February 3. Now, Sesame Street does not give his birth year, but at our house we like to think he is in the three to four year old range.
We celebrated with cupcakes, party hats, candles and blowy things. Fun was had by all. Elmo requested that we not do presents as he already has so much and we thought that was very nice and mature of him. Below is a video (that I took on my very first point and shoot which is clearly on its very last legs) of Gia a few weeks ago. Elmo's batteries had been run down and we finally got around to replacing them. Sheer joy. The love affair reignited. This girl loves Elmo.

And really, when a furry, red monster makes your kiddo this happy, who doesn't just love Elmo?
Happy Birthday E! We love you!