Friday, October 29, 2010


Six Items: Teal tunic as dress
Other: Maternity tights, black suede riding boots, chain necklace that came with a plus sized shirt I bought just for the necklace at wait for it.....WAL MART
Thrilled that it is Friday!!!! I spent last night baking brownies and making this wild dip and slicing apples for Gia's class. Happy Halloween.
Skor Bar Apple Dip
2 packages reduced fat cream cheese
1 c fat free sour cream
Madagascar Vanilla to taste
3 Skor Bars Crushed
Whip cream cheese, fat free sour cream and vanilla until airy. Fold in crushed Skor bars. Refrigerate overnight and serve with granny smith apple slices.....WOWZER.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin patch with "her kids".

This year we went to Bishops Farm with Gia's class from school. Gia thinks that all of the kids that go to her school are "her kids" and she could not stop talking about the upcoming trip for ages. I think I am going to start my sister in law's method of not informing her of any happening or event until the morning of otherwise it is endless chatter.

It was unseasonably warm, but no one seemed to mind. It is just funny to see everyone dressed more for summer than a fall harvest. Gia was in hog heaven sitting on Miss Megan's lap, feeding the goats (so gross!) and being best friends with Olivia. It was really awesome to have Gia going up to all of "her kids" and saying this is my mommy. She was so excited. I remember going to some random farm with my mom around Gia's age and I was just excited to have her along. I am just cherishing every moment because thirteen will be here before I know it and she won't want to be within a ten mile radius of me.

We took a hay ride, saw a pig race, picked a pumpkin off the vine and rode a train. A very full and successful day. Gia came home and crashed. Which was good because then I was able to work.

I just love this picture below. She looks so aloof, but was having so much fun. Happy Fall.

Four down, ten to go.

Six Items: Black jeggings, White tee, Grey sweater
Others: Brown kitten heel boots, brown skinny belt at empire, brown Miami ring, necklace via Kari
So the kind of scary thing about this challenge is how little people notice what you are wearing and how easy or boring it is to pull things out of your closet to wear. I
am going to force myself to get rid of a bunch of stuff between now and next week when I chose my next six items.
I did a little research and if you have multiples of something, you can use them. So for the next two weeks I will be doing that simply because I work full time, have an almost four year old and am reedonkulously preggers and don't want to wash junk as often as I have been and will be for the next ten days.
Things I have already learned......
  • men are crazy smart, if you like something buy it in every color
  • having some sort of uniform makes life easier
  • I have way to many clothes, but think I could always use more shoes and accessories
  • Wal Mart makes some crazy jeggings for $12. Yep, that is what they are and I had purchased them in denim and black and have worn the black ones and keep getting crazy compliments...go buy some today
  • I feel cuter in heels. Especially when preggers. Wedges feel less "formal" to me and are something that I need more of now that I work in a casual (at home) environment.
  • More does not always mean more. More of the right thing that makes you feel amazing is more, if something doesn't make you feel amazing....get rid of it...including or especially lounging around the house clothes. I can not for the life of me figure out why people want to look like slobs when relaxing at home or going to the gym. Yuck.
  • I work out and still have an almost four year old so I have loads and loads of laundry despite I am only wearing six pieces of clothing (outside of the gym and lounging around) and my husband takes nearly everything to the cleaners.

Ralph has been out of town a bunch and I don't actually think that he will realize that I have only been wearing six pieces of clothing. That somewhat disturbs me as to how much he notices things.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin farm adventure.

Gia ready to go play in the mud on the tractor tires.

We rode a train, shot pumpkins out of an air riffle and rode ponies. All in all, what more could an almost four year old ask for?
Oh, to get to hang out with her cousin Jace. Yep, it is for certain that she had a blast.

Day three.

Six items: Black Norma Kamali wrap dress
Others: Grey tights, black knee socks, black suede riding boots, silver medallion earrings, bangles, white guaze scarf, grey.white infiniti scarf.
Today is a good day. The universe is sending out all of these good things and it was cold here this morning. I feel like everything is sunshine and roses. Ralph is headed to the World Series and Gia and I have a very exciting girl's night planned. I couldn't ask for more. Oh, and I kind of like my outfit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gia ran in her second "marathon" and had a blast. She completed the 1/4 mile, next time she is going to go for the half. She is so enthusiastic. I just want to note that I could care less (but would be thrilled) if she found a love of running, but she is so excited to run "marathons", get a bib, ribbon and t shirt that it thrills me to no end.

She held my hand the entire race until she saw the finish line and she dropped my hand and sprinted. I was so proud and quite envious. Usually by the end of my marathons there is no juice for a speed pick up. Training post baby T is looking to include more speed work and I am hoping to find some more respectable finish times.

The two runner girls.

Although, I think some of Gia's excitement for running comes from the bounce houses, face painting and games that follow the run more than the run itself. But whatever it is, she loves it. I wish they had more kid fun runs around. They are so few and far between.

Day two.

Six Items: Black jeggings (hand washed last night), cable and gauge tunic
Accessories: Black suede Nine West riding boots, Vintage wide cuff

Yesterday afternoon I picked Gia up and we went to the park. Before I went to pick her up, I took off the shrug my mom gave me added a multi colored crazy scarf that she had knitted me as well and put on my blue Tieks. So I can not believe that I used up two days of outfits in one work at home day, but oh well. I am confident that I have enough accessories to make it work.
I am not sure that I am loving the black jeggings and black boot combo. I theory it should be great, but a little contrast would be nice. Funny thing about this is that I think that I am thinking about clothes more now, but more about what I already have versus what I need/want to acquire. I am also realizing that I have very, very few maternity clothes. I purchased a few Isabella Oliver tops (which I LOVE) and the rest is non maternity, but stretchy. I hope that they last me through the entire eleven weeks that we have left (but if you are healthy baby T and want to come show your face on or around 12.14 we would love to have you to celebrate Christmas!)
Thank you Tonia and Mom for your sweet comments. They really do make a bloated, 29 week pregnant girl feel good. ;-) So great to have amazing people all around.
Until tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Six items. Why oh why did I decide to do this?

Day One: 6 Items: Black Jeggings, White IO Tank
Accessories: Gold Mia Wedge, Shrug courtesey of my Mom, Vintage Butterfly brooch that was my grandmothers

So I am committing to this for six items for fourteen days, twice. If I like it or feel that the challenge is invigorating then I will decide if I want to continue the six items/two weeks challenge for the remainder of my pregnancy.

So here are the six items that I chose:

1. White Isabella Oliver Scoop Neck T Shirt
2. Teal Cable and Gauge Tunic
3. Black Norma Kamali long sleeve wrap dress
4. Black LEI Jeggings
5. Grey Mossimo wrap cardigan
6. Navy Blue Vintage velvet blazer

I will post pictures of my outfit choices daily. A few things that I have already learned (note- I am writing this in my bathrobe and am not even dressed) that there is a lot that you can do with six items, I wonder if those that I see on a regular basis - including my husband- will notice and I am dreading doing daily laundry, but looking forward to only having to pack six items when I go somewhere. I have a ton of accessories that I have forgotten about or have just not had the courage to wear.

So here we go.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six diet.

So I am thinking I am going to do this. I think about clothes almost all the time. And I am pregnant. I would certainly fall into the creative/curiosity camp. Also, I want to not buy anything and have that money to buy some new clothes for after Baby T arrives.

I am thinking this through and looking to find pieces that I won't get sick of over the course of the period.

Because I do have more maternity clothes than necessary, I may just use the existing pieces in my closet and pick six for two weeks, then another six for two weeks until the end of my pregnancy. So really, it is a twelve week challenge for me utilizing a total of 72 pieces. Some I am confident I will use more than once but this way I won't get too bored but still won't go out and buy anything new. I figure this will provide me a pretty nice budget to buy some things for Baby T and myself come gloomy February.

This also gives me the incentive to stay on track with my diet and exercise as we embark on these last few weeks.

So for the two weeks starting Monday, October 25- Sunday, November 6. I have an added incentive because the baby shower is on November 6 which will prevent me from trying to go out and buying a new dress for the shower.

So, the rules allow that accessories do not count, work out clothes, and shoes are interchangeable. I am viewing a jackets/tights as an accessories because the weather is a little wonky right now.

So before Monday I will post the piece choices and see what I can do......I think I am nuts.