Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sixty Years Young

Today my meezer (mother) turns sixty. Lord, please bless me so that I am as amazing as she is at sixty. It amazes me that she is what at one point in my life what I wold consider "old". Yet, this sixty year young woman is my very dearest female friend and inspiration.

At sixty years young, she can dress like a twenty year old. Well, at least a classy, cute twenty year old. Not a hoochie mama.

At sixty years young, she has two amazing granddaughters that look at her with the same awe that I looked at her with when I was young.

At sixty years young, she recently was promoted and is living her dream of being a career woman.

At sixty years young, she is computer savvy.

At sixty years young, she holds the wisdom of someone sixty years old with the the fresh outlook of a child.

Meez, I love you and I am so glad that I could celebrate this day with you!

Allison and Gia

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Joy of Waiting

As I have been here in LAX since 4:20 this morning and it is now 11:26am, I realize there are some benefits to being stuck in the monstrosity of an airport. First of all, I am going back to work on the twelfth of July. This means long hours away from my darling. So, what does being stuck in the airport mean? Numerous games of "Hickory Dickory Dock", the "Noble Duke of York" and patty cake.

Furthermore, it gives me the best excuse ever to sit and hold her for extended periods of time. I mean what "good mother" would allow their precious baby to be anywhere but in their loving arms during such a trying time. Where else would one get to admire her cupid bow lips and long eye lashes to every last detail?

The thing that I have realized during this time waiting is that we spend so much time rushing and allowing negative thoughts enter our heads. So many others are around angry with furrowed brows bombarding the gate agents with their nastiness when they could be enjoying something...for many nothing as precious as my little girl, but something...a good book...surfing the web, or just the thrill of their own thoughts.

So let us all take a moment and enjoy one of the many things that we take for granted. When I arrive in Houston, I am going to be sure to enjoy the humid blanket that will hit me the moment that I step off the plane....a free facial is my new outlook; not the awful late June weather that I thought of so many times in years past.

Have a great day!


Allison and Gia