Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heavenly is....heavenly.

We went to Heavenly last weekend and had a blast. On Saturday we had the most amazing weather and rained and we decided to catch Taken (really great, by the way) instead of braving the misery of skiing in the snow.....I can not tell you how blessed we feel to be so close to skiing....I think that Ralph and I both forgot how much we LOVE to ski! This gal was HILARIOUS....she was dancing like a much fun!
Obviously, we are exhausted...

Hubs putting on his boots.

Seriously, I don't think it could have been a more beautiful day.

Heavenly, may not be the the BEST skiing, but the view makes it the best spot in the country.

After the slopes. What a great time.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am so sore. RT and I have been doing P90X for four weeks now. He's down thirteen, I am down fourteen. We have really commited to the program and to changing our eating habits forever. So, while all of this is fantastic, why am I still so sore? Even when we started this, I was not THAT out of shape....I could run ten miles no problem. It is amazing how when not engaging your muscles how much you lose!

So, maybe I can become less sore, but if not, I am still loving the progress that we are making!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily affirmations.

- All my relationships are harmonious.
- I see the perfection in all of life.

Repeat thirty times each. Daily. Also, use as needed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A mother's love.


Yesterday I had a very bad, no good, awful day. (What was the book with something like this title?) In the process I was mean to my Meezer. I can honestly say that after the age of nineteen I am NEVER mean to my Meez. She is the greatest person on the planet. She is my hero, my mentor, my inspiration. And I was mean to her because I was having a bad day.

I apologize.

But, that is not what this post is about. This post is about the fact that in all of my selfish glory, I took it out on my mom...and she doesn't care. She is more concerned with why I was having a very bad, no good, awful day. That is what true love is.

I am so blessed that I had a mother with the good sense to fight me when I was young and that has turned into my very best friend. It feels so good to know that no matter how icky and yucky things are on certain days that she is there to proclaim I am the best.

I realized last night as I was rocking my little stinker to sleep that I feel the same way about her. No matter what her issue is of the day, or how frazzled and annoyed I am, she gets every ounce of my heart....unconditionally.

It feels so good to be loved and to love in that way.


I love you Meezer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today is Storytime at the Library. We go. We play. We check out books and old school videos...that Gia never watches. It is so much fun. I remember going to the Bear Creek Library with my mom as a wee little one and how much I loved it! Well, we're off! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thought to ponder.

"To be truly happy, passion is as important as indifference..."

Thoughts? Comments? Sarcastic remarks?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindle 2.

I think I want one. Has anyone used the original Kindle? Do the cons outweigh the pros? Are you able to move forward beyond the need to write in a good old fashioned book? Is the Kindle THAT superior to its competitors? At a $359 price point, should I just wait it out?

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Valentine?

So, I find Valentine's day somewhat nausiating. I think it is silly to buy boring, corny, "mushy" things for the man that makes my life really great. Any ideas for the man in your life? Something GOOD, that won't make him groan or roll his eyes?

Also, any fun ideas for a two year old?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sno -Park.

The state of California funds "Sno-Parks" which we stumbled upon today. For a measly five dollars, a family (as many as can pile into the car) can have a day of fun in the snow. We sledded, built snow men, threw snow balls and acted as if we lived in a snowy climate....

Gia was walking on, falling all over the place, and loving every moment of it.

Honestly, I can't tell you if Gia or Ralph had more fun.

Or me...taking pictures of the entire day was AWESOME!

The Talamantez Gang

Piggyback ride in the snow.

Her precious face after knocking over the cute snow man.

The $5 doesn't get much better than this.

Napa, afternoon style.

We had a wonderful day trip to Napa, where we enjoyed Wendy's company, fine food and great wine! Miss G has gained her mother's affinity for fine a Dean and Deluca....
Seriously, where could you spend a better Saturday afternoon than browsing D and D?

The little darling with a full belly after lunch at Mustard's....she was soooo good!

Playing on the beautiful fountain outside of Mustard's.

Ralph and I's favorite Winery....we didn't taste, RT just ran in and bought a couple of bottles and we ran out to can only truly experience Napa sans kiddos.

The crew after lunch......full bellies...YUM-O! Gia LOVES her Aunt Wendy....doesn't want to sit next to anyone else...sweet thing.

RT and AT.

GG and Aunt Wendy.

Mama and GG.

The world famous Napa Valley.....wonderful!

Mimi....Gia's namesake and look alike.

Gia loves her Mimi. Quite frankly, I am not sure there is another person that she likes more. It is no secret that her mom (me) loves Mimi beyond much so, that Gia is after is the Italian deriviative of the name. Well, she looks so much like her dad, but is looking more and more like Mimi every day....such a lucky girl.
Mimi, we love you! Doesn't Gia's neck resemble your long aristocrat neck? And that smile...just like Mimi's!

Monday, February 2, 2009


If Oprah recommends something, it is probably good.

The Netti pot. I bought one well over a year ago when Oprah had Dr. Oz on her show shouting its benefits. Never opened the dern thing. My mom sent me another one, so I am the proud owner of TWO Netti-pots.

RT and I woke up on Saturday with scratchy throats, sinus congestion and the like. Against our better judgment we decided to enjoy the wonderful Northern California weather and have a spring ski day in the winter. Fun for us, yes. Our sinuses, not so much.

We awakened Sunday to the feeling of being hit by a Mack truck. Our heads clogged, hacking up lungs…you know, a real pretty picture. I decided now was as good a time as any to see if Oprah knows her stuff.

She does.

This thing is like a miracle worker. CLEARS YOUR HEAD…..I CAN BREATH….LIKE AFRIN WITH OUT THE ADDICTION….well, I am addicted…sort of.

If you don’t have one RUN, literally RUN out and get one so that when this winter gunk hits you you can find relief!

Thank you Oprah.