Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sixty Years Young

Today my meezer (mother) turns sixty. Lord, please bless me so that I am as amazing as she is at sixty. It amazes me that she is what at one point in my life what I wold consider "old". Yet, this sixty year young woman is my very dearest female friend and inspiration.

At sixty years young, she can dress like a twenty year old. Well, at least a classy, cute twenty year old. Not a hoochie mama.

At sixty years young, she has two amazing granddaughters that look at her with the same awe that I looked at her with when I was young.

At sixty years young, she recently was promoted and is living her dream of being a career woman.

At sixty years young, she is computer savvy.

At sixty years young, she holds the wisdom of someone sixty years old with the the fresh outlook of a child.

Meez, I love you and I am so glad that I could celebrate this day with you!

Allison and Gia


Profbaugh said...

Congrats to your Mom!! She sounds like a very special woman. I only hope my own daughter will say the same about me when I turn 60. . .wait a minute. . I haven't moved past 29 yet (tee hee). Seriously, enjoy the time with your family!!


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Z!