Thursday, January 3, 2008

For dinner last night we had Albondigas Soup… is traditional Mexican fare, by you and I it would be considered Meatball soup… translates to 7 points. I also gnoshed on olives that I will count as three points. Putting me in a good spot for the day. (I didn’t eat my banana or orange, so I have to re tabulate my totals.)


Breakfast:Oatmeal 2 points
Orange 1 point

Snack:Peas 2 points

Lunch:Turkey Soup 4 points
Small Apple 1 Point

Snack:Broccoli 0 points


Amanda said...

Ooh, that looks good! I have such a weakness for soup. You are being so good!

keeprunnin said...

You have no idea who I am but I randomly happened on your blog. Anyways, I am a Weight Watcher leader and am proud to see you counting those points. You go girl.