Monday, May 19, 2008

the end to a great weekend....

This weekend was one of those that you just bask in the joy of it all. Nothing terribly exciting happened, it was just full of many moments that makes me Thank the good Lord above that I am Gia's mom and Ralph's wife.

Friday, I had a late meeting in the OC, so I came home to my man and my girl at the pool. Actually, they had finished swimming and GG was laying on Ralph's tummy on a lounge. SO STINKIN' cute. We proceeded to make tacos and eat frozen yogurt. It was great fun.

Saturday morning, I made tortillas. Lot's of fun, but I think in the future I need to resist my desire to be healthy and just use the lard. For all of the work, they just weren't that good. Then GG and I took a nap (thank you Ralph!) and we ran errands all afternoon. While gone for a VERY long time, I don't really think that we got that much accopmplished.

Sunday morning was mass and then Ralph and Gia took a nap and I went grocery shopping. MY FAVORITE! Ralph and I had some very yummy cuban sandwiches for lunch and the weekend was brought to a close with a wonderful family bike ride.

That's all. Now I am back in the swing of things. Refreshed from spending time with my favorite people in the world!

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