Thursday, June 11, 2009

Popa's birthday and we love Mimi.

The first week of June Mimi and Popa came to visit. As always, when they are here Gia is in heaven. She rules the two of them. They spend all day satisfying her every desire. Be it the pool, the park, finger painting, happy cakes...they are there to focus every ounce of attention on Miss G. Needless to say she loves it. {The very tired ballerina prior to candles on the Happy Cake}
{The Three Musketeers}

{Popa on the receiving end of a cookie kiss after blowing out his candles}

{The birthday boy}

{In awe}
The night of Popa's birthday there was this WILD lightening storm. So unexpected in Northern California. But for the Texas transplant it was welcomed with wide arms. Gia LOVED it. No element of fear. I have to say the little girl embraces everything with a smile and enthusiasm!

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kberry said...

ADORABLE! Was this an early celebration of JZ's b'day? Looks like it was a wonderful visit!