Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July festivities.

For whatever reason, I have a really hard time formatting my pictures on blogger. I can't ever get them to go in the order that I would like them to and then I can not manipulate them once they are if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.
Our 4th of July was very low key. We stayed home and went to a BBQ at the club and then ventured out for dinner prior to Fireworks. The places we wanted to patron, were closed (of course, we did not call before leaving) and ended up driving around to long...we watched some of the fireworks from the Sonic parking lot while we had our greasy dinner. We then went closer to where the fairgrounds where the fireworks were being launched.

Gia LOVED the fireworks and we enjoyed our low key weekend.

{From the Sonic parking lot, watching the fireworks}

{the Sonic menu}

{lovebirds by the pool}

{a very tired swimmer}

{Moma and Miss G}

{the little daredevil}

{our little family, taken by another party of course}

{my one armed attempt}

{wrestling in the grass}
Happy Independence day!!!