Monday, May 3, 2010

Giant trains.

A couple of weeks ago, Gia and I met Ralph in San Francisco after he had a guys night in Fresno. In order to not have two cars, be a little green and add to the list of unique things that Miss G has done, we decided to take the train to the city by the bay.
There was a little girl on the train in front of us. She was five. Gia thought she hung the moon and even shared her stickers. Then she cried when we did not get off at the same stop. Such is life.
Ralph picked us up and we ate at Taylor's Refresher(which now has a new name...Gott's...I think), meandered around the Farmer's Market at the Ferry building and had dinner that night with Billy and Erica...none of which I have pictures of.
The following day was the annual St. Louis day at the Giants. Read: AB boys come to have fun at Pac Bell park. It was loads of fun. Julie (one of RT's buyers) was there with her daughter and again, G was in heaven. They both got new hats (RT is a sucker for little girls) and ate cotton candy, snow cones, peanuts, hot dogs, and I don't know what else before I cut her off. I was not looking forward to seeing that come back to haunt me.
...and this is what happens to a sweet three year old after a very fun filled weekend.


jz said...

My,my, my how sweet and happy she looks. Great pics of everyone. Great post!

Tonia said...

It looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Especially you're little one.

FYI - The last picture is adorable. That's what I look like every night on the couch....just not as cute.