Monday, January 10, 2011

Affirmations and actualization.

In April it will be two years since I bid corporate America good bye.  It has been a strange and wild ride, but it seems that I have finally hit the stride that I was looking for.  I work with major corporations and work with amazing people and have found something that I am incredibly passionate and excited about.  While every "job" has its ups and downs I honestly love what I do.

It brings me back to a conversation I had with my dear friend Kari sitting in the guest room of our house in Simi Valley.  It was about Living the life you love and loving the life you live.  At that point in time, my marriage was a work in progress (but when is it not), we were moving to Sacramento (a city I had never been to), transferring to another media job (where in my current media job I was leaving my house at 4:30 every morning and getting home around 4pm to miss my little girl) and pretty much I was not really loving life.  I wasn't really doing anything to ensure that I was loving life.

Then I was faced with a decision.  Stay with the very comfortable corporate gig or, look elsewhere.  I looked elsewhere.  It took me a while, but I found the answer.  I had to sell lawn services, alarms door to door, a product that was a little confusing and incredibly hard to sell before I found it.  But I have it.  And everyday it seems to get better.

So the other day I bought this necklace for myself.  In my pregnancy induced hormone frenzy I found myself slobbering mess and I just had to have it.  And I love it.  Just like the life I live.

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