Monday, July 16, 2007

Sizzlin' Milestones

Fresno. Now a medium sized metropolis, once a sleepy ag town. As a family we make frequent trips to Fresno. Some are for major events, our wedding, Gia’s Baptism, dinner with Monsignor and some are just for a family visit. This weekend was a milestone weekend without a doubt.

Now that the matriarch of the Talamatnez family (that’s me) is working, weekends MUST include things such as scrubbing the bathrooms, huge loads of laundry and cleaning floors that the darling little one crawls around on….yes, she is a prodigy in case you were wondering ;). So after the house cleaning of the morning, The Talamantez family traveled to the great, the wonderful Nordstrom. There is something to be said for such an elegant store. Growing up in Texas, Niemen Marcus is and always will be the crème de la crème. But I must admit, Nordies does it well. The baby grand serenade as you browse wonderful pieces of art that some refer to as clothing. Ralph got an amazing shirt and another great shirt.

Then on to JCrew. The ultimate in this preppy girls style. The way their clothes feel broken in against your skin. In summer, the style just SCREAMS east coast beach. In the fall the sweaters that yearn to be worn at a collegiate football battle. I just LOVE JCrew. Then to Target, this gals FAVORITE store, cute clothes, diapers, and everything anyone could NEED or WANT. Just a little love for those in the marketing department over at Target.

2:45 Depart Greater Los Angeles. 6:00 arrive Fresno. Chat with the in laws. Smell the warm chocolate cupcake air as it filled my in laws home. Run to my grand in laws to get dressed. Dress for the social event of the season in Fresno.

Arrive at Summer Sizzle. I think this is the first year that I have been that it has not been so excruciatingly hot that you truly are sizzling. Drinks with those we love. Ronnie and Trish. Rob and Jennie. Tony and Lisa. Billy (Erica, I hope your weekend in Vegas was a BLAST). Tony and Corina. Such a nice time and what fun. The only regret of the night was the 2am McDonald’s run. Why oh why do I subject myself to this guilty pleasure? So guilty, that much of the pleasure is taken away.

Sunday was spent celebrating 80 years with an amazing man. He has influenced my wonderful husband in a way that I can not thank him enough. Thanks Papa for all that you have done and your party was a great joy!Love,
Allison and Gia

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