Friday, July 13, 2007

Ankles and Joy

When I got my little darling in my arms yesterday after a long day away from each other I just admired her. Everything about her. I thought that I had examined every part of this incredible being with a fine tooth comb, until yesterday.

I really examined her ankles for the first time. Milky white, a little bump and the MOST ADORABLE wrinkles you have EVER seen. It brings tears just thinking about what glorious ankles she has.

So why pray-tell (is this a real word? And if so, how do you spell it?) am I sharing my obsession with my daughters ankles with the rest of you? Because it made me realize what an amazing thing our parents have done for each of us. While no one is perfect, there are two people out there that do (or should) love you completely and think that YOU are the MOST amazing person EVER. And even if you were not blessed with amazing parents like I was, we all have the good Lord above that loves us and made us in his image.

It made me feel so warm inside to think of how I look at Gia with such delight and amazement. How much happiness she brings and how much she fills me up and to know that I have done the same for my parents. That at one point in time, my ankles brought them the best moment of their day. And a great day at that!

So take peace in knowing how special you are and that you are perfect to someone!


Amanda said...

What a sweet post about parenthood!Jackson does not have delicate little ankles, but he does have some big ole clodhoppers that I love to squeeze and smooch. We have a little bonding ritual in which I sniff his feet and squeal, "Wheeeew! Those feet are STINKY!" He laughs every time.

Profbaugh said...

What a sweet post! You made me think back to when my own kids were little. Like Amanda, we did the Stinky Feet routine. Oh how wonderful! I've got to admit, now I just buy odor eaters!! (tee hee). Hey I have two teenage boys!

St. Louis