Thursday, August 13, 2009

A, B, C's of life.

A: Accept differences.

B: Be kind.

C: Count your blessings.

D: Dream

E: Express thanks.

F: Forgive.

G: Give freely.

H: Harm no one.

I: Imagine more.

J: Jettison anger.

K: Keep confidences.

L: Love truly.

M: Master something.

N: Nurture hope.

O: Open your mind.

P: Pack lightly.

Q: Quell rumors.

R: Reciprocate.

S: Seek wisdom.

T: Touch hearts.
U: Understand
V: Value truth.
W: Win graciously.
X: Xeriscape.
Y: Yearn for peace.
Z: Zealously support a worthy cause.

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Tonia said...

What is your email address? I tried sending you one but it keeps coming back to me.