Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gia in Texas....sans parental units.

Well, Gia was in Texas with Mimi and Popa for an entire week....without Mom and Dad. Not that she noticed. My mom said that she would ask about us in the morning and before bed, but other than that (which she prefaced with, "don't let this hurt your feelings") she was fine.
Which really makes us happy. I will say that there is no one else on earth that could take Miss G for a week that Ralph and I could feel more comfortable with than Mimi and Popa. Gia was sad to board the plane in Houston with Mommy and Daddy leaving Mimi and Popa behind.
Gia and Mimi mad happy cakes, cookies and food galore. My mom said that her favorite part was cleaning up afterwards....how lucky am I?!?!
Gia collecting horse apples to decorate Mimi's front porch. Gia has Mimi's photogenic qualities.

Gia having a tea party with baby on the east deck. Loving every minute of Mimi's huge wicker princess chairs that I so enjoyed when I was a wee one.

Displaying her artwork for the world to see!

Feeding baby in the antique high chair that Gia is too big of a girl for.....until she decides that she wants us to, "hold her like a baby." or "feed me like a baby."
Driving her car. The Houston humidity clearly wreaks havoc on our little munchkins hair.
Here she is dressed in her OU tutu ready to go to the game (Gia had the Sooners play a private game for her as for the rest of the world it was a bi week.) Lucky girl. She said that Sam looked great and the shoulder shows no sign of injury any longer.
She is picking out the next knitting project for Mimi to knit her. Mimi is stupendously talented and Gia is the recipient of many beautiful items. Thank you!

I am sure that Gia can not wait to come back to Texas, but we are looking forward to your visit in a few weeks!


I am Trish Marie said...

Next time she is there, we will be able to stop by and play! We got an offer on our house, so we are closing on the new house in less than a month!!

Tonia said...

And what did you two do with a whole week to yourselves?