Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend.

This weekend we traveled to the "Littlest Big City in the World" R-E-N-O. Now while to most of us adults, Reno is less than exciting, because RT travels so frequently to Reno on business, Gia thought she was in Fiji. I. Kid. You. Not.

And to be completely truthful, we had a fantastic time. This weekend was the "Best of the West Rib Cook- Off" at the Nugget hotel, and it has received many accolades for its amazing culinary delights....and it did not disappoint!

So, I figured out how to collage my photos, but I have yet to figure out the entire blogger order thing, so they are out of sequence. Sorry!
Gia and RT checking out the digs at our hotel "The Grand Sierra Resort"....who knew there were really nice "luxury" hotels in Reno? I know? Right.
Here we are checking out the great hotel. Gia LOVED the water wall and the big horse statues. She also had a blast at Johnny Rockets. They had HUGE hot air balloons from the ceiling and she could not have been happier.
Here we are enjoying mojitos and Shirley temples by the awesome pool. It was sooo windy, but still amazing!

Ok, so I am not a huge rib fan, but these potato things were OUT OF THIS WORLD. I thought I had died and gone to carb fried heaven. Next year. Next year. Also, I could not resist the sign, "I'm from Texas, What Country ya'll from!!!!!!" So true. And yet, I do not think we had a single rib from Texas. Odd.

This is from the dinner on Saturday night. If you ever have the opportunity to go to this event, that is the only way to go. You are in a seated area and they have ribs from each of the vendors and the sauces. The only problem? You can never remember where the ribs came from, but they really are all fantastic. Afterwards, we went and checked on the event execution guys where Gia got to hang out with some kids and drive the car. It was so funny, they were instructing her that she was "bat girl" and needed to ride in the back. Miss Thing told them that wasn't the case. Go G.

And here we are at the highlight of the entire weekend. Drum roll please. GIRLY GIRL. Gia had her nails done, hair coiffed and dad lived to tell about it. She could not have been happier. If you live in the greater Reno area, or are ever passing through, Girly Girl is a MUST STOP.
So that was our Labor Day Weekend. We had a blast. Ate a tremendous amount of food. Slept a ton, and had such a great time. We can not wait to go back next year. I really don't think I ever thought that I would say that about Reno. I may even tag along on RT's next trip. Maybe.

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