Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picnic by the lake.

One thing I have resolved to do is take advantage of our surroundings. Everything from the wonderful "tourist attractions" that Northern California has to offer, but just the simple things that are literally in our back yard. So last night Gia and I packed a picnic dinner (out of this world chicken salad sandwiches and yogurt parfaits) packed up the wagon and headed to the creek (Gia calls it the river) that runs behind our house.
Gia could not stop playing. She was in heaven. There was another family there and she was able to play with her kids. It is about a two mile walk to the portion of the creek that has a beach area to sit. Gia walked about half way there. And then played for an hour.

It really is remarkable how when you encourage a kid to be a kid and allow them the activity that they need how well they behave. I am just thrilled by how much fun we had last night and can not wait for more and more river dinners to come this summer and fall.


jz said...

So sweet. Glad you had a "fun"time at Gia's rive. Allie, you are making memories......Love

Tonia said...

It's awesome that you're taking advantage of everything around you. I'm sure Gia had a blast, although the 1st picture looks like a pouty face. I still make that face. :)