Monday, September 24, 2007


I am not sure why, but from the minute Gia was born, Ralph began to call her Boo-boo. Oddly enough, this is the same term of endearment that my parents bestowed upon me when I was just a wee little one. This is a term that we use often and just fits our little darling. Unfortunately, my little Boo Boo has a boo boo.

For the past two months, Gia has had a very, very ANGRY diaper rash. Much to everyone's dismay, we can not make it heal. Four perscription diaper rash creams, sleeping naked for nights at a time, hair dryer galore after each diaper change. Nothing. It is still there as angry as ever. To make matters worse, it just causes her so much pain. Said differenlty, causes me much pain. It is true what they say, "It hurts me more than it hurts you".

To see this litlle perfect girl in so much pain breaks my heart. It literally makes me cry. I just want so badly to make her feel better. So, for all the mom's out you have any suggestions? Old wives tails?

Just so you know, we've tried every diaper on the market (Pedi recoomends no fragrance, no bleach so nix Pampers, Huggies and Luvs), every diaper rash cream, every sitz bath that I am aware of. So PLEASE, PLEASE....I am calling all mom troopers. Ask your friends...any crazy remedies I am willing to try!

Gia's sad mommy that wants to make her feel better


Amanda said...

Oh girl, I feel ya. Jackson is prone to getting awful diaper rashes and the nursery workers at church get on to me all the time. I feel so bad but sometimes it just gets out of control no matter what! When I can tell it's coming, I put on Lotrimin for Athlete's foot. It helps if the rash is coming from a yeast infection. I didn't even know they could have that on their bottoms until earlier this summer. Then I put on Desitin in the purple tube which doesn't rub off easy. Then I put Aquaphor ointment on top of that. It still gets away from me sometimes but this has helped. I hope Gia gets better soon!

Kyle & McCall said...

I have the Miracle Cream!!!!!! (I will bring some to class for you tonight.)