Monday, September 10, 2007

Basking in the Glow of a Green Light

Lately, I can’t help but drool when I sleep. I am so dang tired that the moment my head hits the pillow I zonk out. Much to my husbands dismay. Now that I am a working mother, I have such admiration for the many mothers (mine included) that have done this year in and year out.

There is now a monitor that resides on my night stand. It has a green light that denotes (complete assumption here) that everything is in working order with the electronic wiring. There is really nothing wrong with this except for the fact that I like to sleep in complete and total darkness. Like a cave. Cold and pitch black. This green light is like a beacon in the night. It seems that every time I roll over or fluff a pillow that dern green light is blaring in my face. Startling me from my peaceful slumber (to add fuel to the flame, there is a little girl that tends to do this as well….but she is much sweeter and too fabulous to be as frustrating as this light). Waking me from my very limited sleep. Denying me of my beauty rest.

As I am trudging through life on limited re fueling I began to wonder….”How many things do we have blaring in our lives that we can’t turn off?” Which ones are the precious darling little ones that are startling you from your life for something worthy. Something necessary that needs attention and what is like the green light. What is bothering you, disturbing you, bothering you that can so simply be eliminated? What can just be turned off so that you can still answer the necessary calls but no longer be aggravated by the green glow.

Tonight I am turning off the green light in my room and in my head. There are too many real things that I lose sleep over to let the green light thoughts fill my brain and add to my frustration. Let’s make today…TURN OFF THE GREEN LIGHT DAY!!!!


Profbaugh said...

It's been a while since I popped in here. Sure glad I did. What a great idea!! I'm with you on this one all the way.

How the balancing act going?? Any better?


Kyle & McCall said...

Ironically, we started turning off the monitor next to my side of the bed as well! Same annoying green glow, and really, we can hear Harper Jo... she's only in the room next door... and both doors are wide open. (The justifications continued on till I read your blog, which - in itself- acted as my validation.

Thanks Alison.