Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Gia's diaper rash is not completely gone, but it is "considerably better"....thanks so much to this wonderful, amazing, product PINXAV (pronounced Pink Salve) that I was introduced to by a wonderful lady named McCall. (I would love to link you to her darling's blog, but I am not that savvy). But this stuff is a miracle worker. In one night it has cleared a rash that I have done absolutely EVERYTHING for!

Pediatrician stumped, Endocrinologist stumped, Gastroenterologist stumped....another mom....saves the day! For this, I send out a hearty thank you!

A side note, I did some research and apparently this diaper miracle also can work wonders for mommy's' skin everywhere! Do some googling and let me know if your not sold.....I will personally send you some!


Amanda said...

Hey girl! Happy birthday! I hope you've been well spoiled today.

Profbaugh said...

Woo hoo!! Glad you found your "miracle cure." There's nothing like discovering something that ACTUALLY works.

Hey, maybe you should quit your job and sell the stuff. From my experience with little one's, I would have given anything to stop that awful diaper rash.


Kyle & McCall said...

Happy I could assist. Some (very few, but some) good things come out of Cleveland... like Pinxav and me.

As for our blog, here you go:

Amanda said...

Hey girl! I loved reading about the double birthday party and the pound puppies. How funny! Yes, Allie is Allison Toler. The link to her blog is right above yours in my side bar. She has twins and lives in College Station with her hubby.