Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blessings in disguise....

As I have gone back to work, I have become a morning person. Not by choice, but out of desire. The burning desire I have to spend the afternoon with my little darling. So, the earlier I get to the office the earlier I get home. I tend to leave the house around 5:30am. For those of you that have known me for sometime, I am NOT a morning person. I repeat NOT A MORNING PERSON.

This morning Ralph is in Saint Louis on business. This leaves Gia and I together (lucky me ;). My alarm must have been set incorrectly, but Gia had a serious bout of gas… 5:00am. What are the chances!

So here’s to little blessings in disguise. As much as I would have loved to sleep in, I love my afternoons with my girl. Due to some gas, I am out of the house on time and will be home to take a walk and cozy up with my girl tonight!

Take time to count your blessings….


Profbaugh said...

Hum, a gas attack as a blessing. Now, I heard just about everything (tee hee). Seriously, too bad you couldn't join your hubby in St. Louis, we could have met up.

Praising the LORD for Gia's gas! Enjoy your time with her.


Amanda said...

That's hilarious. Gia's gas was a God send. I'm in Houston and I passed your old casa today. I always look down the street like I might see you and Erin talking in the front yard or something.