Friday, November 2, 2007


Days that go by make you wonder….will her smile ever be so sweet? How long will that dancing eye be part of her minute by minute amazement? I find that many other parents anticipate future milestones. When will she know what the animals are at the zoo? When will she be able to walk? Say a word and really know what she’s saying?

The funny thing is that when Gia graduates from a stage (laying there like a burrito, toppling over while trying to sit, pulling and pulling but not being able to get her legs underneath her) a sense of loss comes over me. Nothing that doesn’t go away after seeing the next step, but at every phase I wonder how she could possibly be any more amazing.

So here’s to the only Halloween we will have without running behind you, the only pumpkin patch where you stay clean and here’s to every other memory we will make over the years. I love you my darling. You are a beacon of light in a very dark world. You bring me more happiness than I ever thought was possible. I love you.



Amanda said...

Look at those cheeks! I would have to give them so many kisses! She is too, too cute.

Profbaugh said...

Oh I've got to agree with Amanda. What a cutie!! Love the costume. Enjoy your time with her.