Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn is a time of harvest, a time of gathering together.

This past week, we were blessed with a visit from Mimi. Despite my parents living some fifteen hundred miles away, we do have a lot of time that we get to spend together. It is always such a treat and life really is easier when Mimi is around. We headed up to Auburn on Saturday for the Fall Festival. There were pumpkins that weighed in at eleven hundred pounds. It was crazy how big these pumpkins were. My mom and I were in awe. Gia wanted to climb around on them. Especially because they were covered by blankets and being waxed by their growers.

Coloring, painting, tumbling, crown making and even a puppet show. All in an amazing outdoor setting. There were these GIANT scarecrows that covered the grounds. It was really a great day for girl bonding.

Sunday, Ralph headed to Oakland for the Raider game....and they won!!!! Oh, the trials of a Raider fan wife. Those poor boys are having a hard go of it this season. So we were happy that they pulled it through for a big W.
Mimi, Gia and I boarded the Spookomotive. We got to sit across from a little boy Max and his grandmother. Max is four and wants to be an engineer. He is very quiet and was a little overwhelmed by Gia's enthusiasm.
Three generations.
The rest of the week was spent doing a lot of this. Dressing up. Eating treats. And just hanging out.


~Holly~ said...

wow...Gia looks so much like your mom in the picture of the 3 of you!

jz said...

Mimi had the best time ever!! Words can't express how wonderful the time is that I spend with my girls...Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter and including me in
all of these experiences with Gia. Hope some day soon we can have Kate and Jenna with us on one of these outings.