Friday, October 30, 2009

Wrapping up October.

The past couple of weeks, we have been busy doing great fall things. I wanted to catch up on these fall things prior to the BIG Halloween shin dig. The weekend of 10.24 we went to an event at FairyTale Town. FairyTale Town is a great park with all kinds of play equipment that is themed by, well, fairy tales. My mother in law was in town and was able to join in on the festivities. That Saturday, we headed to San Francisco to meet up with Kari, James, Sophie and Tyler. It was Kari's turn to hit the big three- oh and we were in for some serious treats. We started the day by having lunch at Yang Sing (Dim Sum), headed over to North Beach for cappacino and pastries and then back to our hotels for some rest prior to the big tah dah.....drum roll please. CHEZ PANISSE.

Chez Panisse is Alice Water's baby. Alice Waters is the founder of the Chez Panisse Foundation and really at the crux of California Cuisine. Fresh. Organic. Locally grown. Alice Waters three main focus points. I think she left out three equally important points. Old friends. New friends. Spirited conversation.

The meal was lucious. Lucious. Lucious. Seriously, my tastebuds were jumping all over the place but still with a synergy that only Alice Waters can create. It was such a treat to share Kari's special day, but I think we all felt like it was our birthday. Sunday, James had to head back down to LA for work and RT headed East to watch the Raiders be defeated beyond explanation. While those boys were suffering, Kari, Tyler, Sophie and I were exploring the Ferry Building and having lunch on one of San Francisco's famous October Sundays. If you have never been to SF, you must take a trip during October or November. It is the MOST beautiful time of year. It makes me miss the city sooooo much. I think a part of me gets homesick everytime we leave. Tonight we carved a pumpkin. Gia thought it was super fantastic. However, it ended up like most things these days....Gia was crying and naked.

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