Friday, October 23, 2009

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

Wednesday we headed out to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm with some friends and it was a throw back to the days of yester year. With everything from homemade cinnamon rolls with REAL cream cheese icing to pig races. As always Gia was thrilled to have Tyler riding in the car with her. And Tyler obliged. It is funny, Tyler has two older brothers and loves to boss Gia around. Gia loves to have a friend. It is a win win relationship for the two toddlers.
The old school train, the big slides, the tractors to climb on, everything that delights the heart of a little one. All of the kids were having so much fun running around with few boundaries.
I thought the "bale out" was hilarious. The pumpkins were beautiful and there were so many!
Tyler was a little timid from the whole train thing and Gia was "forced" to give me her cardigan instead of cleaning the train floor with there were a range of faces during the ride. They are each so sweet and I love being able to capture them.
Here is my daughter at the petting zoo. For those of you that know me, I am not exactly what you would call an animal person. I am really more of a people kind of a girl. And so is her dad. Much to the delight of Gia's Aunt Jenna, Uncle Eddie and darling cousin Kate....Gia has the animal loving gene. She spent and HOUR feeding the goats. She told me that the barn was her house and that I could come to her house to see her babies. She was in heaven and I was a little creeped out. Ok, maybe a lot creeped out.
After a nice helping of homemade baked goods and warm apple cider we headed to the last treasure of the day. The hay trampoline was much more my speed and Gia proved that we do have common interests. She had a blast jumping with the others and then she just laid down to feel the vibrations of the other kids jumping and relaxing.

We had a blast and thank you Jill for your planning.

Thank you


jz said...

Could Gia be look any happier than the moment that goat was eating out of her hand. Fantastic pics and I also love the one of her laying on the hay. She is so happy and precious. Good job to her Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

The only picture I wish was here was the picture of your face as your daughter gleefully let a goat eat out of her hand for an hour! Oh, I might have continued laughing all night! Love you guys and miss you dearly! Amy Weyer