Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doughnut making.

A while back we had Tyler at our house for a play date. Because we do not have Gia's friends over very often (really, it is more a function of scheduling and not know that many people that we don't have many opportunities) I try to do something special or fun when we do. This particular day we made doughnuts. My maternal grandmother used to make these and they are divine. They should be tossed with powdered sugar, but given two three year olds were my sugar tossers I went with granulated sugar and cinnamon thinking it would be less of a mess. It was still messy, but I think less messy than powdered.
You can use lard or oil, whatever artery clogging kind floats your boat. And you drop the biscuits in and Viola! you have doughnuts. I opened the biscuits a little to early and they did not puff up the way they should, but the diners did not seem to mind.
The two tots had fun and enjoyed the doughnuts. Gia is a bit of a bully come to find out. Hopefully school and more play dates will make her better at sharing and more fun for the other children to be around.

After eating doughnuts, running around like wild monkeys and some arts and crafts they finished with an Elmo showing and some air popped pop corn. Thank you for coming Tyler. We always enjoy having you!