Monday, January 11, 2010

What to wear.

I like to think that I have some sort of fashion sense. I, like most women I know love to shop. I think that I may even enjoy shopping much more than the average female. I spend hours reading magazines and imagining what life would be like if I could stroll along fifth avenue and spend with absolutely no regard.

In my prior to kids life, I really had it together. For the most part, I had two real wardrobes. Corporate America and Going Out Nightlife. The work wardrobe consisted of killer suits with deceptively conservative stilettos with a punch of pizazz to keep true to my fashion loving roots. My going out Nightlife wardrobe was full of bootylicious jeans and pretty amazing tops. There were a few pairs of slightly body hugging sweat suits for my weekend errands, but all in all I had about three pairs of non heels in my closet. Including my two running shoes that I would never dare wear with anything other than my nike leggings and running gear to boot.

Well then, I had Miss Gia and life (all of it, not just my fashion world) was turned on its ear. Suddenly, stilettos for every occasion were just not appropriate. Not to mention that I just can not, nor do I want to wear a sweat suit that in some prior world was meant to be *hot* to all of y mommy events. So now I find myself in a certain crossroads. Not only do I have a lot more casual events that I need to attend, but since ending my corporate career at the early part of last year and being a consultant, my corporate digs are all off too.

So here is the question that I pose to you the blogging world, what does one mom where to look pulled together, fashion forward and good in daily activities while not falling into that horrific New Jersey/ LA Valley mom trap of just too many Juicy Couture sweat suits?


Jacque said...

Allison - Check out fabulous florida mommy's blog. She puts together some really cute casual looks. Most items are from jcrew.

Amanda said...

I can't wait to come back and read the comments you get.

jz said...

Know I'm way past this stage of my life and know that you will pick up some great tips here. My life experience advice would be the following, "Less is More", "Quality not Quantity", If you don't love it and feel comfortable and feel like you look great in the store, you are never going to wear it enough to get your money's worth, no matter how great the sale price is. Always try it on and have a complete outfit. Now if I could only learn to practice what I preach and quit buying items on sale that go just right with anyhing. Love ya!