Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dumb and dumber.

I am normally a pretty clean person. I work really hard to keep our house in order and keep it in a state when people can come and go and there is never any worry. And I have always done a pretty good job. Except when it comes to the dishes.

Give me a bathroom to scrub and I am in heaven. Give me floor to mop and I see it as a little blessing of extra calories burned. But make me put away dishes and I feel like you have asked me what you would like my last meal to be.

Well, a few months ago, I came across FLY Lady. Apparently, I am the last person on earth to discover her. Her concept is simple. Do little things every day and your house will be in order. This is mainly the same mine set that I have always have. What did make me want to do it is that she begins with the kitchen sink. Keeping dishes out and put away. Well, this is my shortfall, so this is going to be great.

And it has been. The entire house looks more put together. I feel less like I don't have it together. Like that horrible task is complete and not looming over my head. So, thank you FLY Lady!

Today was the day to clean the counter tops. Scrub all of them. I am blessed with a big kitchen and a HUGE island. I mean HUGE. I diligently scrubbed. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Polish. Polish. Polish.

I took a step back and admired my hard work. Thought about how fortunate I was to have this kitchen and the people that laugh and break bread in here. It was delightful.

A few hours later (both RT and I have home offices) I ran my hand across the counter. It had a film of crumbs. Immediately, I over react and accuse my poor husband of being the culprit. Denial. Typical. But then, much to my dismay I find that my ENTIRE kitchen has this film of crumbs.

Dummy Allison scrubbed the counters with a sponge that left its scrubbers behind. The polishing towel did not pick up the residue.

LOVE the FLY Lady. Hate it when I don't think something through. If you want to check out her system, you can do so here.

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I am Trish Marie said...

Laundry is my downfall. There is always a basket full and waiting to be put away. Yet, I seriously clean all three bathrooms everyday.