Sunday, March 28, 2010

You are so right on Target.

Hats are the ultimate accessory. They are an extension of your personality with amazing functionality. What other accessory out there truly makes your life easier AND makes you look sooo much better all at the same time?

Well, Eugenia Kim, who happened to win the 2004 council of fashion designers of america award for accessory design, who's pieces tend to start around $200 is coming to Target.


It has been done!


The Target line is a much more modest $20-$30 range. Even better!?!? The inspiration!?!? Drumroll please.....OLD CUBA. In Kim's words, "I was obsessed with the old school Latin think." Eugenia, can you come over for a cafecito? PLEASE. I heart you.

The line is so stinking cute that I am running to Target (maybe even literally) the minute they come out.

Oh, and Kim can't live with out Diet Coke. She has a three, 1.5 Liter habit....a day. Now I KNOW we are amigos.


Allison said...

Target is the best! Wish we could shop to_gether (that is with G's accent).

Tonia said...

I've noticed Target bringing in more designers. Some better than others but at least they're branching out. And we get to save some money!