Monday, November 29, 2010

April 2, 2011.

Yes, in the next few months I have some very important dates happening. Much more life changing than the one listed above. However, I am very excited to announce that in a short nineteen weeks (eleven weeks after Baby T's estimated due date) an awesome gal and I will be walking a marathon.

Now, the original plan had been to run a half in April and run a full in July (SF) BUT this amazing gal had on her 40 before 40 list to walk a marathon. So how could I resist? Also, my body tends to do better in a walking capacity anyways. So I am set. Ready to hit the register button and get moving.

I have been walking almost daily my entire pregnancy and was running before. Despite my ever expanding girth I am still in pretty good shape.

I figure if I have the distance of ten solid miles before Baby T and then estimate three to MAX six weeks post baby. Then adding two miles per week after that. Having a 26 mile walk take place on 3.27.2011.

I am so excited I could burst. I am sure much of this excitement comes from the fact that my back side was some how viewed from a three way mirror today. Which is cruel and unusual punishment. But also the thought of a race with someone. I am giddy. Girly, squealing, giddy.

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Amanda said...

Three way mirrors can only mean heartache for pregnant girls. You've got it goin' on though!