Monday, November 1, 2010

The weekend.

Saturday October 30
Six items- black norma kamali wrap dress
others: riding boots, maternity tights, shrug from shop in Los Feliz circa 2004
Sunday, October 31
Six Items: Vintage velvet blazer, white isabella oliver t, black jeggings
Others: cowboy boots, rope, cowboy hat, green bandana
Monday, November 1
Six Items- white t, black jeggings, grey sweater
Other- vaneli ballet flats
I have gone through my closet and purged 100+ items. It feels so good. Also, it is much easier when you can't wear half your stuff anyway because of a large belly. Made it through Halloween without buying anything and sticking to the six item challenge. I do have to say, the rest of my closet is so very appealing right now. My anticipation of the finish line is HUGE. I may just do it for the two weeks and call it quits. Who knows, we shall see.


Tonia said...

Once again, I love your selections!

Laura said...

You are doing so well on your challenge. I have seen this before and wanted to do it, but gosh, it does look hard. However you have come up with some great combos! I do do this when I go on holiday - just bring 3-5 whole outfits and mix and match. Lots easier that way and a must if traveling on budget airlines in the EU where your suitcase limit is 10-15 kg (yikes!). I think you are looking very stylish in this challeng and luscious as a pregnant woman. Well done Allison!

Laura said...

PS - where did you get that grey cardi?