Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toddler dialect.

This makes me want to dive into a pool.

This is just the cutest swim suit that I have seen in such a long time. It reminds me of the fluted ruffle swimsuits that I wore when I was a child. may be getting an order from me in the very near future. I can not believe that it is Juicy Couture. I tend to shy away from that brand in fear of looking like I belong on an episode of Jersey Shore. But this one is right on the mark.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You are so right on Target.

Hats are the ultimate accessory. They are an extension of your personality with amazing functionality. What other accessory out there truly makes your life easier AND makes you look sooo much better all at the same time?

Well, Eugenia Kim, who happened to win the 2004 council of fashion designers of america award for accessory design, who's pieces tend to start around $200 is coming to Target.


It has been done!


The Target line is a much more modest $20-$30 range. Even better!?!? The inspiration!?!? Drumroll please.....OLD CUBA. In Kim's words, "I was obsessed with the old school Latin think." Eugenia, can you come over for a cafecito? PLEASE. I heart you.

The line is so stinking cute that I am running to Target (maybe even literally) the minute they come out.

Oh, and Kim can't live with out Diet Coke. She has a three, 1.5 Liter habit....a day. Now I KNOW we are amigos.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Seriously, desperately in need of a creative director.

I am a magazine junkie. Fanatic. Addict. I love magazines. There is something about the glossy pages gliding through my fingers. The short one liners and relatively short articles. It informs, entertains and leaves me wanting more.

I don't even know how many subscriptions I have. My mailbox is always full. Which always makes me smile. I read on average an entire magazine cover to cover daily. Sometimes two. It is what I do while Ralph is watching tv. What I do before bed. If I need an escape.

Due to the Internet and other factors the publishing industry has come into some trouble. No surprise. But seriously....look at these two covers. Appalling. Really makes me reconsider my subscription to Sacramento Magazine. Not to mention that on their "Best of..." list that the majority of winners happen to be chains.



Saturday, March 6, 2010

Never fear, Sesame Street is not immune to the down economy.

{Pretty sure this was the best day of her life.}

Sesame Street is the only TV Gia watches. I am confident that she finds exposure to other shows when at school, friends, grandparents and pretty much everywhere else. When she was two months old Ralph and I decided that a) she wouldn't watch TV until she was two (we made it to eighteen months) and b) that she would only watch Sesame Street.
This is really an illustration of picking your battles. Or just not really having an opinion. This was much more me than Ralph.
I chose this mainly because of my pediatrician. She was amazing. She had a daughter that was only a year older than Gia and I trusted her. I trusted her so much because when Gia was so sick she would call me at 8a on a Saturday and say, "I woke up at 2am and was thinking this is what it could be." Now that is a doctor. If you live in Ventura County, CA email me and I will give you her contact information. She is the best.
She let Mia (her daughter) watch one hour of tv a day and it was Sesame Street.
So, that was what I did. Because she always led me in the right direction and would have the "doctor" conversations with me and the "real mom" conversations with me.
I am extremely happy with our decision.
Gia never asks for things. Primarily because she is not exposed to any commercials. She knows so many letters and we have kept a consistent take over of our home with only Sesame Street.

(Side note: the whole princess thing drives me up the wall. CAN NOT STAND IT. Princess garb (Disney specifically) magically disappears in the T home.)
This morning Gia and I were watching Sesame Street (which was about princesses, weird) and the cute guy from Clueless Paul Rudd is the prince. Really it is showing that the girls are playing princess and do not need a prince to rescue them. Good.
Validation of my Sesame Street choice.
While in a pre coffee haze I noticed all of the FOR RENT signs littering Sesame Street. Then, I realized how they normally have extra people milling around to depict the hustle and bustle of the street the street was quiet. Only the girls and Paul Rudd (yum).

So I guess not even Sesame Street can escape this economy. Which makes me really sad.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

McDonald's pulls out all the stops to make me fat.

{This is a picture of Miss G from a field trip her school took to McDonald's. NO, I did not come up with the idea, YES, I was in attendance}
I am having second thoughts about writing this. I feel like I have been doing a lot of complaining lately, but I really, really, really am so frustrated with customer service today. In an economy where businesses should be thrilled that any consumer is choosing to spend their money in their establishment, why, why, why is it so hard to get some customer service.

I love McDonald's. Most would find this shameful. I have really come to grips with my love affair.
I love McDonald's so much that I crave the cheeseburger. The way the onions and the ketchup mix so lovingly (not that I can eat that these days due to my lack of milk/cheese intake) in my mouth. My brother in law talked about it at my wedding. I made Ralph eat it on our wedding night. If I have my way, I gorge on it after every marathon. It is gross. I know it is gross, but I love it. My heart is swelling thinking of my love for the golden arches.
I recently read that a Filet o Fish has a reasonable amount of calories. Especially when not smothered with tarter sauce and processed cheese....neither of which I am eating right now. AND, McDonald's has free wi-fi. What better place to get some much needed work done and entertain my darling three year old (not to mention pass my ridiculous obsession down to the next generation).

We get to McDonald's and play a while. We go potty. We head to the counter to order our lunch.

"Chicken McNugget Happy meal, w apples a milk and girl toy."
"and, a number eleven, no tarter sauce, no cheese. Small fry instead of medium."

Seriously, it may take me thirty minutes to order a plain coffee at Starbuck's but I have this McDonald's stuff down.
"We don't do that."
"Actually, you always give me a small fry instead of medium, no problem." (clearly this poor clerk is confused about my McDonald's expertise.)
We banter back and forth until he calls a manager.
Because he wants to charge me MORE for a small fry than the meal with the medium fry.

"That is ludicrous. Why would I pay more for a small fry than a medium?"
The manager (assistant, I think) confirms that she can not do this.
"Fine, just give me the meal."
I pay and wait. Mind you this entire time I am trying to keep an eye on my purse, laptop and three year old running wild because she is in the part of the store that does not have a play structure and is not too happy about it.
I look at my receipt. HE CHARGED ME FOR THE SMALL FRY, MEDIUM DRINK and FILET 'O FISH. More than the stupid meal.
I am waiting so long that one of the gals asks why.
I just can't contain myself. I am so frustrated. I did not say or do anything, but steam must have been flying from my brain because suddenly the real manager appears.
"Is there a problem?"

I go through the whole thing.
"So basically, you want to pay for the meal and me to give you a small fry?"

"Yes." with an elated emotional sigh that makes me feel like FINALLY, someone understands me. Almost with the same satisfaction I get after having YEAR LONG discussions with my husband. Just to feel understood.

And she refunds my $1.17.

My top two concerns with this entire scenario:
1. McDonald's really wants to make it hard for me to have any sort of portion control.
2. You have to be at senior manager level to have some common sense.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peace of mind.

In a world of uncertainty, there are so many ways to find things that do not give us peace of mind. Ridiculous news reports, horrible stories, banks and politicos that have nothing but self serving interest at heart. That being said, there are so many comforts that can be found through simplicity.

My child, my family, a hot steaming cup of coffee are all fantastic illustrations of simple moments that bring me peace of mind. No matter what, these things will be here no matter what the world around me dishes out.

But in the wee, still hours of the morning when my heart starts racing and I become overwhelmed by all of the things around that are out of my control I can scoot closer to my fantastic husband and repeat "Our Father" over and over in my head.

Something about the man that has forever changed my life and the sanctity of God and the repetitiveness of the words is sure to bring me peace and lull me back to sleep. And no matter how good, or how bad things get, these two will always be a constant and bring me peace of mind.