Monday, August 20, 2007


I know that many of you are on board with my crusade to raise young, thinking, smart women. Women that are aware that dressing provocatively or pining to be a Lindsay Lohan or Brittney Spears does not make a happy adult. These role models are not what I want for my little girl. Please join me in making this point to people like Richard Robinson that chose to promote through a traditionally educational format the Bratz to our young ladies and their future wives (for those of you that have dashing young boys ;)!

Tell Scholastic: Stop Selling Bratz in Schools
The Bratz, a line of highly sexualized dolls for girls as young as four are, being marketed directly to children in schools by Scholastic, Inc. Scholastic promotes Bratz through its book fairs and book clubs, selling titles such as Lil' Bratz Dancin Divas; Lil' Bratz Catwalk Cuties; and Lil' Bratz Beauty Sleepover Bash to a captive audience of young students.
The Bratz—whose wardrobes include miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and bikinis—were recently singled out the by American Psychological Association for contributing to the sexualization of young girls. Please tell Richard Robinson, President and CEO of Scholastic Inc., that commercially-driven, sexualized stereotypes have no place in schools


Amanda said...

Alrighty, you are linked! Let me know if anything weird happens and you want me to take it off. I sent in my email to the bratz guy. That is just unbelievable!

Profbaugh said...

Oh, I hate Bratz too!! Thanks for this.