Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank you!

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks!

I can not explain to you how much I have to give thanks for this year. Tears well in my eyes as I let my mind wander back to our first Thanksgiving with Gia. In the hospital, having just completed a platelet transfusion. Doctors wondering if she would make it and what on earth was wrong.

Fast forward one year…..the most vibrant, petite, adorable little girl on the planet. That sings and claps and makes funny noises. Thanksgiving was spent with my adorable husband, loving parents and of course, God’s most precious girl, Gia.

The bird was amazing. Simply decadent. The dressing was just spicy enough, cream peas just right. This year we added roasted corn and mashed potatoes. I am beginning to understand that these are “traditional” Thanksgiving favorites. Growing up in the Zansler family however, they NEVER graced our table. They were a wonderful complement to our menu and really helped fuse the uniting of two families.

Having my parents here for nearly two weeks was such a God-send. I was able to rest more, have a cleaner home, and meals that are much better than I could have ever cooked….all thanks to them. Gia’s birthday party would not have been possible with out Meezer’s help and the Thanksgiving bird would never have been so plump and decadent.

The best part of the whole thing was that Ralph and I were able to get away for an overnight stay. Just in our backyard, but an evening at a hotel and dinner together (ALONE) was just what the marriage doctor ordered. We returned from our overnight jaunt refreshed and full of enthusiasm for our marriage.

Things I am Thankful for:
· The most amazing brown eyed girl that I am the luckiest to be her mommy.
· A fabulous, impeccably dressed, ambitious, loving husband.
· A mother to help guide and cry with me throughout my journey of life.
· A father that has instilled the ability to negotiate and stand tall and proud in my beliefs.
· Turkey, dressing and creamed peas.
· Advent.
· Papa’s orange peels and cinnamon sticks brewing on the stove leaving the house with the most delicious aroma.
· All of the good things that God has bestowed on me.
· My ever evolving education.
· Much, much, more!

Gobble, Gobble!

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Amanda said...

Awww, this post is full of warm fuzzies. It makes me happy that you got to have 2 weeks with your parents. What a blessing!