Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day.

Congratulations to President Elect Obama, his family and cabinet "elect". Regardless of your political beliefs, policy agreements or disagreements today is certainly one that will go down in history.

I find it kind of exciting that my grand kids will one day ask me, "what was it like?" for a school project...much like I did to my grandparents regarding WWII and my parents about the assassination of JFK.

For those of you that know me, I am a political junkie. But I have a confession to make...while I am pumped for today...to see how it goes...to hear President "Elect" Obama's speech, to watch once again the peaceful transfer of power that our country was built on, I have actually been living in a "news free" zone for the past three or four months.

I used to live, eat, breath, sing and die by the news. I never escaped it. My car, my computer, my TV, the paper. But then, I realized that it was all just SO depressing. I felt that maybe there was some truth to "ignorance is bliss". And all in all, I have felt my mood elevated.

So today, I will break my news free zone. Soak up the excitement like many do with the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes and then hope and pray that President Obama can lead our country to a more positive space.


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