Friday, January 23, 2009

Resons why not to take a picture of a sleeping two year old.

Here she is sleeping away peacfully (after only thirty minutes of screaming) and I could not resist the Cookie slippers and matching pants. Out comes the camera. A want to be photographer could never be happy with just one pose. So lets take another.
Mind you, this morning she woke up with only her undershirt on because she had thrown everything out of her bed in the middle of the night, taken off her pajamas...and it was freezing....

so, we discussed that this was a "no-no". Only mommy or daddy put your jammies on, and only mommy and daddy take them she had taken her shirt off and tried to put it back on.
She's so stinkin' sweet, but her sleep patterns can boggle anyone's mind.


Allison said...

Mom, just remember to "let sleeping babies lie" and if you get away with taking a photo, better to stop after just one.

Love, Mimi

jz said...

Allie, I used your account by mistake.