Monday, January 26, 2009


Mammies. Gia’s word for Jammies. We are in a dilemma.

It is no secret that Gia doesn’t like to sleep. Honestly, she is the most angelic child on the planet, until nap or bed time. Then, all bets are off.

Ralph and I have really been focusing on a consistent routine to help her learn to go to sleep…peacefully. On Wednesday night, she took off her jammies and threw them on the floor…I am assuming as a form of protest.

So, since this episode we have been discussing that only mommy/daddy put them on and only mommy/daddy take them off. She walks around the house wagging her finger saying, “Mammies, no, no. Gia’s mammies, no, no.”

Last night was a doozie. I initially put her down. It was painful. Screaming, yelling, anger seething from her beautiful face. After about twenty minutes, Ralph and I went in to tell her to lay down, stop crying and go to sleep.

Everything out of the bed. Jammies on the floor. No good for Gia. Time out. However, as I am telling her this is inappropriate behavior and that she can not do this, I am putting her jammies back on. As I am doing this, she keeps saying “tank to, tank to”.

I start laughing.

To hide my laughter, I begin fake coughing.

Gia begins to fake cough to get sympathy.

This morning my dad told me that, “Pay backs are a bitch.”We did this four times. She fell asleep with her jammies on…..

….and took them off in the middle of the night.

Go figure.

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kberry said...

I think your dad is right! (I have no room to talk -- my dog is sassy enough!) What a personality!