Sunday, February 8, 2009

Napa, afternoon style.

We had a wonderful day trip to Napa, where we enjoyed Wendy's company, fine food and great wine! Miss G has gained her mother's affinity for fine a Dean and Deluca....
Seriously, where could you spend a better Saturday afternoon than browsing D and D?

The little darling with a full belly after lunch at Mustard's....she was soooo good!

Playing on the beautiful fountain outside of Mustard's.

Ralph and I's favorite Winery....we didn't taste, RT just ran in and bought a couple of bottles and we ran out to can only truly experience Napa sans kiddos.

The crew after lunch......full bellies...YUM-O! Gia LOVES her Aunt Wendy....doesn't want to sit next to anyone else...sweet thing.

RT and AT.

GG and Aunt Wendy.

Mama and GG.

The world famous Napa Valley.....wonderful!

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jz said...

Such a great day!! Gia is so precious with the shopping bag on her arm. Good to see Wendy sharing the day and I'm sure she enjoyed being Gia's "best friend" , I miss you all.