Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talamantez togetherness.

We have been going, going, going so much lately. Honestly, since ski season we have had so little time at home that we are all ready for a much needed break. This weekend was a start to a wonderful time. We spent the weekend doing things around the house, eating well, and shopping for a new car...(much more fun for Ralph than I). {Gia diving in to Daddy}

{On the Counter patio...we were able to watch the fountain show}

{Gia working hard to build her own burger}

{Gia and Mommy's matching pedicures}

{Gia at the park...looking more and more like Mimi every day}

So that is our weekend in pictures. We had such a great time. Not to mention all of our physical, outdoor activities (in nearly 100+ degree weather) left us with a tuckered out girl...allowing Ralph and I so coveted alone nice.
A weekend that comes to a close and I will always look back on fondly.


~Holly~ said...

Gia is looking like a little girl now! They grow up so fast!!!

Amanda said...

Love the pedicures!