Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thoughts on life.

{This picture was taken at the La Jolla 5k}

I started running in seventh grade. I started running because I joined the track team. I joined the track team because I wanted to fit in. All of my friends (we were the cool-dorks) were on sports teams. Much to my dismay, I was not even talented enough to make the A or B team of volleyball or basketball. Well, the track team was in such dyer need for participants that anyone that wanted to made it. So I made it.

We ran. We ran, we ran and we ran some more. I hated it. Every step was like agony, but I so wanted to right to say I was in "Athletics" and not just PE. So I ran. And I just kept on doing it.

Years passed and I would run during tennis or cheer practice (I did make those teams...thank goodness).

I ran in college, because I often liked boys that liked to run. So I did.

I ran when RT and I first started dating because it impressed him.

I started running again after Gia was born. I started running to shed those 70+ pounds I had packed on. I started running to find that body again.

Then it just continued. Sometimes I would run because my post partum hormones were making me crazy. Sometimes I would run because I felt bad about myself. Sometimes I would run because I felt good about myself. Sometimes I would run to escape.

But I just kept on running.

This past weekend I ran the Parkway Half Marathon. At mile four my groin went out. The pain was pretty bad. And yet, I finished.

Running: I started to fit in. I continued because it was cool. I finished for me.


jz said...

I'm so proud of you now as I have always been proud of you. With each day of our lives we grow a little, understand a little more, learn to listen a little more, realize we are not always in control of our destiny a little more, and with this we know how important loving and being loved really is, not how smart we are or how much money we can earn. Yes, my dear, "thoughts on life" come one step at a time, then one race at a time, and you will always finish first in the the important things in life, because of who you are in your heart and soul. You are the best! Mom

I am Trish Marie said...

Congrats on entering and completing the race! I keep saying I am going to do one, but then I never push my self to do it. I LOVE to run, I am just horrible at it! But I like that time when my mind is on nothing but what I am physically doing.

Staci said...

I love this post. <3