Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Memorial C/O 1986 picnic.

Last Saturday we had an impromtu picnic with some of Ralph's dearest friends from High School. While we all get together with relative frequency, we never get all the little ones together unless it is 4th of July, Lake Trips, etc.

So we headed out to Tice park. Ronnie grilled burgers. We had juice boxes and water. Fun was had by all. Sweaty red faces from all the kids. It was fun and we need to do it more often! {The beautiful, grown up Ani}
{Baby James and Pat}

{Rob and Cari}

{Kiddos hanging out in the shade}

{Tera and Gia preparing for a nap...go figure}

Tricia and I were talking that next time (maybe mid to late summer) we can get together around dusk and do a movie night at the park. All we need to decide on is the movie. Pull out the pillows and blankets. Popcorn and M and M's and we will have a park movie theatre....what date works so we can get everyone together.
Thanks again for coming on such short notice! We had such a blast.

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