Monday, July 5, 2010

What would Caillou do?

Not sure when it happened. Gia made a transition from loving Sesame Street to loving Caillou. It is even more unusual because until she began requesting it the television in our home had never veered away from Sesame Street.

Anyways, there are much worse shows than Caillou out there. He is a kind, thoughtful, curious, helpful, imaginative good big brother kind of guy. His parents are loving but firm. Gia is completely engaged and literally squeals with delight at the first beats of music to the theme song.

On occasion, the adjectives that are used to describe our sweet little monkey stray from those that describe Caillou.

So Ralph and I have started saying to Gia, "What would Caillou do?"

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

But it works.


Sabrina said...

I think Gia and Emy would be great friends. Emerson has also fallen in love with Caillou. She sings the theme song and watches in wonderment. Anytime she sees something around town that Caillou has done she talks about him. My only complaints are A. The theme song is entireley to catchy and is stuck in my head on most days and B. Why is he still bald at 4-years-old?

Lake Conroe Lifestyle said...

Well, Jill watches Hannah Montana. I am pretty sure I do NOT want to ask her what Miley Cyrus would do. See what you have to look forward to once they get to old for Caillou.

Lake Conroe Lifestyle said...

Uh....forgot to sign out of the half functioning real estate blog! Ha!