Friday, July 9, 2010

Why we should all be Credit Union members.

Ralph and I have been members of the Anheuser- Busch Credit Union for all of our separate and together adult life's.

My parents have been members of the Cy Fair Credit Union since I was in Junior High.

Credit Unions have provided great loans, help when refunding accounting mishaps and just darn good customer service.

Granted, I don't have access to a gabillion ATM's. And I have to go to share branches much more often than not.

But after my latest banking woe, Credit Union's have my loyalty.

I am a magazine junkie. I love them. The glossy pages sliding through my finger. Renewals happen frequently on my bank account. But two recently stood out.

A FEW (like three) years back I ordered four different rags for my parents. It was some kind of crazy deal for $5 subscriptions. Who can beat that.

I am a sucker for a deal. So I signed them up and happily paid the twenty bones.

I was charged $39 for each magazine renewal (for 12 mos....each publisher charges between $7 and $20 for a year) this year.

The number listed on my statement provided NO access to a human being. NONE WHATSOEVER.

I call my Credit Union.

My Credit Union called the corporation (NEW SUB MAGAZINES owned by TIME) and had them reverse the charges and cancel all future charges.

In a matter of thirty minutes I got a call back with a cancellation number and Mary telling me she would be on the look out for the refund.

Tell me, you think Wells Fargo or Bof A will do that?

I love Credit Unions. Especially Anheuser Busch Employees Credit Union.

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