Friday, July 30, 2010

Special moments.

I am turning into one of those people. All I talk about is my kiddo. I should find some sort of apology in there, but the reality is I love it.

I have a very full life. I work. In an exciting emerging field. I am committed to my outlets and make time for myself daily. I adore my husband. I have amazing friends. I do cool things that don't involve G.

But for some reason, documenting those moments is just not nearly as amazing or fun as documenting life with Miss G. I may regret not writing down each of the other aspects of my life, but I can say with full certainty that not placing these memories down on paper (errr...digitally) would be one of my biggest...if only's in life.

She loves to eat. She is full of joy. She is enthusiastic and sometimes loud. Her vibrant can be overwhelming to some, but to me it is just a little reminder that I am her mom.

I love you G. Everyday I worry you won't know just how much and then I wake up the next day I wake up loving you more. Thank you.


jz said...

Grab each precious moment and hold on as long as you can when you sharing time with your children. You have it right. Love

I am Trish Marie said...

I love going back through my blog to read the stories I wrote about the kids.

Tonia said...

I think its wonderful that Gia is all you write about. There's nothing wrong with that. By the way I think her hair looks adorable like that!