Friday, July 2, 2010

Go Team Go!

G is quite the enthusiastic sports fan. She screams and screams for the team. Even though she is not sure what is happening. Other than if you ask her about any particular sports team her response is, "The Raiders are not being nice. They are not winning." It's ok baby girl, the Sooners are.

There really is no more beautiful ball park than Pac Bell. My heart will always root for the Atro's.

Mr. Baseball himself.

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Tonia said...

that's awesome. My sister has her kids trained really well. When they ask me where I live and I say Texas, they say 'We don't like Texas, we like OU.' And if she's anywhere in the house and says boomer, they yell back sooner. They've called me a few times just to say boomer to see if I'll say it too.