Monday, May 7, 2007

Baby Bling, Bling

It happened. We had one of those weekends where everything is oh so lovely, that you are so full of love for your family and the unity that we have together that you so desperately don't want to weekend to end and does. Monday morning rolls around. Ralph off to work, Gia and I off to getting the mundane details of life situated and the daily blunders roll in and out just like the tide.
Our weekend was incredible. Friday and the actual day of Saturday were pretty uneventful and required numerous hours at the office for Ralph so that we could complete our great adventure. 3pm Saturday....depart to the wonderful land of Indio. Arrive Indio 6pm. Walk up to the festival where we are surprised by (a) how incredibly large this festival is and (b) the sheer number of "over served" individuals.

We scour the premises for Anheuser Busch products. Finally we are VICTORIOUS....except they are clear on the other side of the world from where we are. Hike over. Indulge in a frosty (as frosty as they come out of a cold box and a plastic cup) cold Budweiser for me, Bud Light for Ralph and trek back to our spot.

v>We can't complete the hike until we figure our exactly what we are going to do to ensure Gia's passie stays attached to a member of our family at all times. Eureka! I have a nice necklace on. I'll take it off and put her passie through the necklace and it will be kind of like one of those awful pacifier holders. Done. Thus, the invention of "Baby Bling, Bling".

Head back to the other side of the world. Just in time for Alan Jackson to take the stage. He gave a very nice performance, but this Texas girl and half Texan family where there for the next act.....GEORGE STRAITT! Oh, what a glorious feeling it is that I can stand with my family and belt out his lovely lyrics and no one so much as glances in my direction!

Gia fell asleep in her Baby Bjorn and missed part of it. She then came to and danced the night away with Ralph and I.

We drove home from Indio because I have still not gotten over my distaste for Hotels or meals cooked away from home. Slept in (as much as you can with a five and a half month old) Ralph made breakfast and I made a "Seis de Mayo" dinner.

Lovely weekend. I just wish it din't have to end.

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